Vlad Tepes
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Name Vlad Tepes
Hangul 블러드 체페쉬
Race Pureblood Vampire
Birthday September 21
Age First Generation
Gender Female
Height 175cm
Eyes Red
Hair Red
Unusual Features Tattoos on face and neck
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Resolute Clan
Occupation Lark Alfen Guardian
Previous Occupation Resolute Clan Leader
Personal Status
Status Alive (sleeping in Darkness)
Relatives Theresia Tepes (Sister)

Lark Alfen (Adopted son)

Lizy Ellon (Vessel)

Alias Lidy By Florian Alfen

The Darkness By Lark Alfen

First Appearance
Webtoon Debut In Lark's form - Chapter 72

In her real form - Chapter 110

Vlad Tepes is a first generation pureblood vampire. She is known to be the most powerful vampire ever existed. She was the leader of the group of vampires which refused to go to Crepuscule and stayed in the human world. For 15 years until recent she was living in Lark's body. She is now,instead, taken compete control of Lizy Ellon's body making it her own and coming back into the world, continuing to watch Lark. Since Angela's death, she is the sole Guardian of Lark Alfen.

She is currently still alive, but she is asleep along side her sister Theresia in the Darkness while her adopted son, Lark, his whereabouts unknown is with Bathory watching over the vampires.




Tepes has long red hair which she ties in a loose ponytail, but she also has untidy fringe across her forehead. When using her power red tribal tattoos form all over her cheeks and neck on both sides. She is 175 cm, 5'7 feet tall, a few inches taller than Lark, moreso taller than Carmilla, but shorter than Nergal or Gilles.

She dresses in men's clothes and generally acts like a man because this is how she chooses to act, but doesn't seem to care if someone points out her attire differs from her perceived sex. The exception is an incident with Florian who began to tease her about it. It's unknown how many times she's actually changed bodies, but it's stated by Gilles de Rais that she has been around since the beginning, so Tepes herself might not even remember exactly how many times she's had to switch bodies, especially since she doesn't like switching bodies.


Lark's guardian Tepes in her new body 'Lizy'

Currently she is using Lizy's body as her own. Now she's halfway between herself and Lizy in appearance, still being relatively small and fragile.
Tepes 3

Tepes new outfit.

She changed out of Lizy's cloths, wearing a similar black dress-like with shorts, unlike Lizy's dress it does not expose any cleveage, and it has a black collar around the neck, donning a red long dress coat with white frills around the cuffs, and white scarf tide in a bow around her neck with a blue jewel in the middle and black gloves. She wears the thin green belt below her chest. Her hair has completely turned red, and she wears it back in an untidy ponytail.


Tepes, mostly, is a proud person and has a very strong will. She hates the human species with the exception of one special human, who she loves, and his mother whom she owes because humans were brutal to vampires, slaughtering them and killing them off, but after meeting Florian and starting to protect Lark, she acknowledged she could care about humans too, by saying that time could change everything.

It is later reveled with a conversation with Carmilla this love only extends to Lark and a later a conversation with Lark that besides Florian and Lark, who isn't technically human, all the other humans he hates because of there violence and brutality.

As opposed to Carmilla, she doesn't believe in gentle methods when dealing with children she believes are weak and uses her own methods to straighten them out and make them stronger.  She doesn't easily forgive people who betray her and hates Carmilla for making a world that's killing the vampires outside of it in order for the vampires who are mutating inside of it to survive.

Around people she knows, mainly those in her clan, she is shown to be very calm and in control with a realistic way of thinking.  Though her words can sometimes be sharp, she has good intentions and genuinely cares for her clan and Lark.  She even seems to be extremely sympathetic to the problems of other people, provided that she knows them and cares about them.  Anyone outside of this spectrum, however, is not important to her and reacted to flippantly and without care. Unfortunately, her nature of not caring what people think of her causes a number of misunderstandings.

Although she is well known to be a highly arrogant and proud person, but in the contrary, Tepes, deep inside, has almost no self-esteem and does not have any genuine confidence or care about herself. For example, she thinks everyone whom she loved had completely abandoned and left herself when Lark refuses to destroy Camilla so the world Carmilla built would be ruined right away and becomes extremely sad, which is a very despairing, and quite immature and irrational way of thinking considering her excessive age, and indicates that she in fact has no true confidence in herself; if she had, she could have thought that Lark still cared about her and he had some good reasons for refusing to kill Carmilla straightaway. Instead of having a seriously low level of self-regard, she tends to be attached greatly to things she love or she wants to protect, which explains why she loves Lark so much and tries so desperately to protect her clan and Lark.


Vlad takes Florian to the vampires' village

Vlad takes Florian to the vampires' village

Until hundreds of years ago, Tepes and Carmilla were the two leaders of the vampires in the human world. When Gilles de Rais was a small kid, Tepes used to torture him every day, supposedly in order to toughen him. Tepes hated humans and she greatly opposed Carmilla's plan of creating a world especially for vampires. Instead, Tepes proposed to solve the differences with humans by wiping them out. Eventually, Carmilla lead her friends and followers to Crepuscule. Tepes tried unsuccessfully to convince Nergal to stay with her. During this conversation, she accepted that she was jealous to see him go. Eventually, a minority of vampires with Tepes as their leader stayed behind. 

As years went by, magic started vanishing inexplicably from the human world, something that made Tepes and her group weak. 15 years ago, just a few weeks before Lark's birth, Tepes got inro a fight with Nergal. She was wounded badly in the ribs and was washed out at the shore, unconscious, near Florian Alfen. Lark's mother, still pregnant, carried her to her house and, despite her sister's objections, took care of her. Tepes spent some time with her, but eventually left before she was thoroughly healed. After failing to enter Crepscule, she meets Florian again. Florian begs Tepes to take her with her. Tepes agrees with the intent of having Florian as food for Priscilla, a pregnant vampire. When she returns to her clan, she learns that Priscilla is missing. She leaves to find Priscilla and discovers Priscilla is having birthing pains, which has never happened to a vampire before. Tepes takes Priscilla back to the village and is desperate to have someone help deliver the baby. Florian volunteers and successfully delivers the baby. Later, Tepes successfully enters Crepuscule and meets Nergal, who tells her that Crepuscule is taking mana from the outer world, leading to the death of the vampires still living there. Tepes, enraged, declares her intent to murder Carmilla, causing Nergal to label her as an enemy and attack her. Tepes later returns to her clan and prevents them from killing Florian. Tepes leaves with Florian and stays with her, trying (and failing) to heal from her battle with Nergal. Tepes realizes that she is dying and she uses her power to merge with Florian's baby, Lark. But because she merged with Lark, Florian died of a seizure.    

Plot OverviewEdit

Chepesh in Lark's form

Tepes in Lark's form

Part IEdit

Some months after Lark has started having dreams with Carmilla, Tepes appears before him in one of them as a red doppelganger of his for a little while, and without saying anything to him.

Part IIEdit

Around two weeks pass and Tepes appears again in Lark's dream, along with Carmilla. Lark is crying over Angela's death. Tepes attacks Carmilla with her ability and proposes to Lark to help him take revenge. Lark, lost in his grief, accepts and Tepes offers him her power.

After this, Lark explodes a school wall and ends up starting a fight with Sia. When Sia hits Lark hard, Tepes takes over, while still inside the boy, and attacks Sia, leaving him unconscious. She leads Lark outside of school and waits for Lark to take over again. Tepes starts regularly talking to Lark even when the boy is awake and refuses to listen to Carmilla's objections to her and Lark's actions. 

A while later Lark returns to the Nergal region, where he meets and starts a fight with Nergal who had come to try and soothe Lark's grief. After his scuffle with him, Tepes pulls him into his dreams. There she agrees that since Lark is more clear-headed now, she will show him how they are connected. She then shows him with a flashback how she met his mother, 15 years ago, and everything that happened that led up to her using her power to live inside of his body. After this is done, she says that if Lark wishes, she would repay Florian by temporarily putting her goals aside, and promises to "give him everything until there is nothing left to give". She then encourages Lark to not be lost any more and to move forward in exchange, joining his parents's voices in telling Lark that they love him.

The next day, she can be seen speaking with Lark about the definite possibility of Navarus knowing the information that they need.

She doesn't appear again until Lark has gone to the Council and after he's separated from Bathory, Sai, and Setz on the way to see Gilles de Rais who had ordered Chocolat and Millefeuille to let them through, telling him that she's leaving it up to him.  Lark gets into a fight with Gilles and while Gilles taunts Lark about the real ability that comes with the darkness side of Tepes's power, she ends up possessing Lark to tell Gilles to stop trying to irritate Lark after spending the fight at the front of Lark's mind, watching it silently and grimacing at times. When Gilles becomes unable to use his ability and resorts to using magic, she ends up taking over Lark's body with a glare without explaining why to him, knowing that she doesn't have time to explain herself.  Tepes tries to talk sense into Gilles, but only ends up making him angry and is forced to fight in Lark's stead, thinking that she can instead knock some sense into him. She currently seems to be unaware that Carmilla is in contact with Lark once more.

She continues to fight fight Gilles trying to put him in his place - and turn him over to her side when they stop to talk - but is quickly hindered by Lark's fragile human body, stating that human bodies are quite fragile and revealing to Gilles that Lark is a human body. She tells him how she ruined his life Lark's life when Gilles questioned her, but she would make everything up to him. She then says to hand over Carmilla's body after Gilles comes to understand that's what she's after because she plans to leave Lark's body and take over hers. On the inside, Lark doesn't think this plan has anything to do with him, but he soon realizes that this is exactly what Angela wanted and seems to comply with Tepes's plan for the time being.  

While they talk, Bathory runs in yelling and worrying for Lark, but Tepes tells her to stay back because it's dangerous.  Bathory does not listen, insisting that Tepes tell her what she did to Lark, but Gilles tells them both to shut up and casts a spell that shakes the entire mansion the Coucil had been using.  She looks on as she sees the damage that Lark did to Gilles that Gilles had iced over and made worse, not initially understanding what's going on.  Gilles de Rais explains that he would sooner die than tell her where Carmilla's body is after implying that Tepes needs him in order to find her and they resume fighting.  Tepes still seems unaware of what's going on inside of Lark's body. Her fight with Gilles continues and when she learns that he is using a magic tool to make up for is lack of magic, she destroys it by spreading out her light particles, kicks him, and calls him pathetic.

Eventually Lark is able to wrangle control of his body back from her and she is irritated by that, stating that it suprised her to be pushed back into Lark's subconsciousness. Tepes is next seen standing in Lark's consciousness, watching Lark get strangled by Gilles with a worred look or her face. Tepes is next seen using her Darkness ability to manifest in front of everyone after Millefeuille explains Gilles de Rais's motivations.  Once she beats Gilles de Rais up to a degree that she is satisfied with - commenting that she feels a bit better now - Millefeuille laughs at him and Chocolat questions her as to how she can be seen by them and why she didn't do it sooner.  She explains that until now, Lark had only accepted her; once he finally "understood" her and "rejected" her, terms she uses loosely, she says that she was able to take this form and for that, she's grateful.  She says that she supposes Lark can't use her power anymore and listens to Lark's problems with the way she's doing things quietly.

In the end, she still decides to go forward with her plan and says that she considers the race outside more precious to her than the pitiful race inside of Crepuscule, and that she will do whatever it takes.  Tepes turns on Lark and tells him that she'll have to borrow his body again, much to his chagrin and annoyance. When Lark tells Tepes that Crepuscule is his paradise because people accept him in this world, Tepes tells Lark that he is wrong; the only reason he is able to live there is because no one knows he is human yet and tells him to come with her and she would return him to his true paradise. But afterwards Bathory steps in to say that she's Lark's family and she will stay with Lark until he dies; Lark and Tepes seem to have forgotten that this could not be true since Bathory doesn't have much longer to live. Lark rejects Tepes's offer and Tepes thinks to herself everyone she loves rejects her. Tepes tells Lark she is happy he is not lonely anymore, but will fulfill her wishes and once again returns to his body to take him on the road to Carmilla's body.

When Lark wakes up, he is shocked to be standing in front of Carmilla's frozen body. Tepes tells Lark that she knew Lark would find 'road' to Carmilla's body because he was in contact with her soul. She then tells him to kill Carmilla, something that only he can do. She goes on to explain that only by killing Carmilla can Crepuscule be destroyed. Lark says no he won't kill Carmilla and while crying asked Tepes why she won't listen to what he has to say, telling her she is just like everyone else trying to take what little he has left. He then asks her why she won't believe in him, which shocks her because she didn't initially realize that that was exactly what she was doing. Lark say he understands more then anyone what she is trying to do, but it isn't the right time; he explains that Angela was researching the cure and he asks her to wait until it's done to destroy Crepuscule. He understands that Tepes wants to protects the vampires from the outer world, but he wants to protect the vampires from the inner world too. Angela said it will take time, but it will go faster if Tepes helps him. He tells her he believes there is another way, which brings back a memory of Florian and she tells Lark he was right and that she was the only one that didn't believe while smiling at him. She states that Lark has gotten stronger and Florian would be happy.

Immediately after this, she sends Lark back and watches him make his decision on what to do with Gilles de Rais before engaging in a conversation with Carmilla.  Tepes no longer shows her earlier signs of uncontrollable rage towards Carmilla and instead acts as she normally would have, with the exception of her own guilt over having killed Florian and feeling as if she has to make up for that by sleeping inside of Lark permanently.  It's something she tells Carmilla when she is questioned on whether or not she's going back to sleep, and why when she can just take Carmilla's body, or Lark's. Stating that she believes her role is now over and, after laughing at Carmilla's own depression, Tepes disappeares. It seems that Carmilla will have to watch what road Lark takes as punishment for having created. Crepuscule.

Part IIIEdit

Everyone thought Tepes was now dead and would never appear again, but in fact she was still alive, wating herself to truly vanish.Tepes is not seen for a while when Lark goes to the outer world with his friends and meets a grown up Lizy. Tepes is seen sleeping in Lark's body. She then wakes up from her sleep saying Lizy's name. She is next seen meeting Lark in his subconsciousness asking him to save Lizy. She then brings Lizy into Lark's subconsciousness and tells her about how she is going to die soon and that Lizy should live and go back, but Lizy says that Tepes should live and protect Lark. Tepes then ask Lizy what she was planning. Lizy suddenly asks her if Lark is her son Tepes says that Lark is not her real, biological son but is very precious to him as if he were really her own son.

Lizy then said she does not care about her own safety, and that's why she didn't obey Theresia and protected Lark and his friends. She then says Lark is a good kid and starts to disappear. Tepes tells her not to go but obviously Lizy did not obey her and gave up her own life. Next, Lark is then seen holding Lizy's limp body telling Tepes they need to return to were they came from (Crepuscule).

It was revealed by Lark that Tepes has in fact taken over Lizy's body, because Lizy sacrificed herself to let Tepes live inside her own body. Tepes was brought to Lark's house to be taken care of by Lark's friends Avi and Arche, but while those two weren't watching, Tepes escaped from the house unnoticed. Tepes is recently seen watching Lark and his friend heading to Cladi after visiting Reberca.

Tepes and Lark

Tepes reunites with Lark in her new body

She is then seen in Cladi watching Lark in secret were he senses her and chases after her. She leads him in a secured location where they are reunited. She tells Lark she very happy to see him again and when Lark starts talking formally she tells him he should stop being so stiff well talking to her and just act like he normally does.

She then says its all because of him that her wish came true and she could come back into the world. Lark says no it's thanks to Lizzie, which Tepes agree's and ask's Lark to expand to her what's been happening and he does. She then tells her, her plains have not changed but she is not going to rush in like before. She tells Lark she knows about Theresia And it might be hard as her ability split in have, Lark not understanding she explains to him when she merged with him her light ability went to him making Lark the 'light' and Tepes had the darkness ability making her the 'darkness' when she left Lark body she couldn't take the light ability with her. Seeing Lark feeling guilty she tells him she was going to give him her power anyway so it doesn't matter.

She then says she is going to leave for awhile and she asks if Lark remembers the last time they met when she patted him on the head? Which Lark has a flashback of Tepes tells Lark she was awakening his hidden ability. She tells him he has another ability other then the light ability which was asleep. She also went on to tell him she killed the other Crimson eyed humans before there abilities could be awakened. Tepes tells Lark even though his parents are normal humans he isn't and he shouldn't exist. She tells him the humans started long ago by the humans and they brutally killed many vampires that's why she hated them. In order to stop the war a contract was made by the vampires the mana in humans that allowed them to do magic was taken away and vampires could only have red eyes, however a very rare view humans found a loophole and broke the contract and kept there mana who they did this is unknown.

Tepes tells Lark he is the last descendant of the humans who broke the contract hence forth they are also called ' violator of the contract' she tells him his body is akin to the 'world' meaning he absorbs mana to live. She tells him she has awakened his ability and he is the last hope humanity left behind And asked Lark to please help the vampires. Well leaving she looks behind her and thinks to herself she is sorry that she can't stay with Lark but she has things she has to do for Lizzie who sacrificed herself for Tepes to life, but she promises when she is done she will return to watching over him.

The next Tepes is seen her hair has completely turned red and she is at the school looking up at Naverus mocking him saying this is all he as become in a couple hundred years.

Tepes at the school.

She is next seen in Navarus office which for unknown reason he confuses her for Lark and apologizes saying he didn't know she was alive when she walks towards him java runs tells her to stop. Tepes tells him the past can't be changed. She tells him he has changed since she last saw him and Navarus asks what she wants.

Tepes tells them they are eternal so they can't change and the world is like a blessing because out side the mana is being taken away. She tells him she has been living in side lark all these years, she tells him Lark was brought over to the world in secret by Setz. Tepes then goes on to tell him she knows about his wife being kept alive for 500 hundred years for Setz's birth then dying which Navarus doesn't deny and says she was a sacrifice to the world as her death wasn't normal.

Tepes asks Naverus to help end the world she says if it her and him with Larks help they can do it, confused He asked why Lark which Tepes flat out tells him Lark is the Crimson eyed human. Which Navarus says "naturally" and starts laughing then refuses her over saying he does things his own way. Tepes calls him mean. Navarus askes Tepes what she'll do next she says she has been watch the world through the eyes of a child which she says has been her child all along.

A couple of days later when the student council returns to school they all return to their normal activities. Lark is talking to Ersha Sermenys when someone walks up behind them and tells Lark that they finally found him. They both turn around Asia asks who it is, Lark has a shocked look on is face and shouts Tepes name. Tepes is seen standing in front of them in new cloths. She silences Lark, reprimanding him for shouting telling him to be quite, and then she says to Lark that it has been awhile.
Tepes Lark4

Lark and Tepes at school.

Tepes soon reveals that Theresia has gone into rampage and is trying to 'eat' the whole world. She tells Seere to hurry with her potion developing. When everything is ready-ready to send vampires into the outer human world and break Crepuscule- She accidentally drops in to see Bathory and Carmilla quarelling, and realizes Lark is going to die upon reviving Carmilla. Rather than going ballistic about it, Tepes privately comes to Lark and tells him to make a decision that everyone who loves him can appreciate, adding that she herself will respect whatever he decides to do, as she always have wanted him to be truly happy. She then disappears into darkness, saying she'd go and meet Theresia.

Power and AbilitiesEdit


Tepes's ability, "Light and Darkness", is a nature-type ability and is regarded as the most powerful and deadly among vampires. Light and Darkness can't be separated from each other. This is the reason why Tepes's body and ability have the two sides of it. To create Light, Tepes herself has to become Darkness, as well as the opposite.

Light: When Tepes uses her light ability it can take the shape of anything ranging from destructive crimson bolts of lightning to a tornado of pure destructive power. This ability has been proved to be also effective when it comes to purifying and removing Theresia's grasping Darkness.

Flight: Though it has not been used by Tepes yet, seeing as Lark gets all his abilities from Tepes, it is likely that Tepes can fly using the light particles, also sland in midair using them.

Heal: By using her blood and light she is able to heal herself.

Materialization: By using her blood and light she can materialize her torn clothing.

Darkness: Is Tepes other ability, It is unknown what form this has but it has shown this power has a few techniques demonstrated by Tepes.

Merge: When Tepes is on the verge of death she can use her darkness ability to merge with an unborn fetus to live if she does not take complete control of that body in ten years she will disappear forever.

Possession: It is shown in that she can take control of Lark's body, doing this when he is knocked unconscious (and in danger), or at her own will to ward off danger; how she can do this is still unclear, it is assumed it is due to her darkness ability. Though she only does this when Lark is, as stated before, in danger. Her normal vampire abilities seems to have some limitations while she's using Lark's-which is, a human-body. Though her physical durability is reduced almost to that of Lark's own human capacity, she is still strong enough to lift Gilles off of the floor only by one hand and hurl him away without any difficulty. Tepes seems to have the ability to appear on the outside of Lark's body, but as Tepes's real body was destroyed fifteen years ago this is part of her dark ability and is a simple, non-solid manifestation. She can use her ability again to make the blows she deals out solid for a time.

Telepathy: Since the entirety of her existence is inside of Lark, she has been able to speak with him privately and see everything that goes on through his eyes.

Even when she takes over Lizzie's body and comes back into the world she is some how able to hear Lark's thoughts when he is just thinking them to himself and not out loud and she talks to him telepathically. How she does this is unknown it seems she only does this with Lark though.

Manifestation: Tepes is sometimes shown manifesting herself as a shadow figure and as a translucent figure as well.

Since Tepes left Lark's body and merged with Lizzy's body instead, she only possesses her dark ability. She told Lark that her power was severed in half when she merged with lark she became the darkness and Lark became the light, meaning her abilities were split between the two and since Tepes wasn't expecting to change body she couldn't take her light ability intact with her- but she relieved Lark's mind by stating that she was going to give him her light ability anyway, so this did not bother her.



Theresia Tepes

Theresia true face

Tepes younger sister Theresia.

Theresia is Vlad Tepes's younger sister, she seems to have a estranged relationship with her sister caring more about Lark then her own blood sibling. She tells Lark she knows what Theresia has been doing implying she has known for a while.

Lark Alfen

Tepes Lark 2

Tepes adopted son Lark.

Tepes is Lark's sole guardian, she has been watching over Lark from inside of him since he was a fetus inside of his mother's womb. She, as proven by current canon, loves Lark.

Before the disappearance of her body due the restrictions of her darkness ability, she turned herself into darkness and merged with Lark; because of this, Lark is eventually able to use her ability with her permission. Because Tepes can see everything that happens to Lark, she is the only one who knows everything about Lark.  She understands him best and as such, Tepes initially treats Lark like a parent would treat their son, protecting Lark from Sia and Nergal's attacks. When Lark got injured in a fight with Sia, she took possession of his body to protect him, and when he fought Nergal she scolded him harshly. However, once she has shown Lark her memories she seems to loosen up with him.

After giving Lark her power, she's been shown to be conversing with Lark more often, keeping him safe and helping him through out.  She has even taken to defending him from Gilles de Rais's taunts, not wanting Gilles to agitate Lark and confuse him by telling him about what her darkness ability can really do, despite glaring at him when he questions her methods as she takes over his body and uses her freedom for a limited amount of time. While she certainly cares for Lark, the beloved human she's dwelled inside of as a "sleeping darkness", Gilles is still a child that she raised and she feels she has to set him right and make him understand, and ultimately pull him to her side, which puts her at odds with what Lark wishes to do. Despite her end goal coming to light after finding out that Carmilla's body was preserved by Gilles de Rais, she still claims that she's going to make it up to him in the end. Despite being pushed back into Lark's subconscious by Lark and therefore irritating her, she watches him fight with Gilles with a worried expression on her face instead of trying to take control back from him, thus showing how much she cares for him.  While she does sympathize with him and consider the race inside of Crepuscule pitiful, she still cares about her clan on the outside and as such, will regrettably borrow his body without his permission if she must.

Tepes's love for Lark only keeps growing, as shown when Lark rejects Tepes's plan; she appears to be sad and thinks to her self that once again a person she loves rejected her. Another example is when she changes her mind of destroying Crepuscule and goes along with Lark's plan, believing in him and saying she was the only one that didn't believe. She's shown to even smile the most beautiful smile she has never shown before and touch him (and give him back her power) when she's only ever touched - with any level of affection - Lizzie, giving him a pat on the head like she did with Lizzie. She then decides to give up her life for Lark, as she knew that if she kept staying in his body, he would have lost control of his own body and disappeared. It's easily shown that Tepes cares for Lark even more than her own life.

Before disappearing, Tepes tells Carmilla that she hated the Crimson eyed humans even more than the ordinary humans, but still, she loves Lark (also a crimson eyed human) very much. This indicates she has changed over time, getting softening effects of new love she had found. She also says her role here was over and she was going to vanish for real. And she tells Carmilla, as punishment for creating Crepuscule, to watch over Lark from now on and see what path he would take. Carmilla tries to stop her disappearing completely, knowing Lark would not going to be happy about this and would be terribly sad that Tepes did not tell him she was leaving the world of living forever, but Tepeps, already determined to sacrifice, does not change her mind and hides away. It has revealed recently that she was indeed crouching low, waiting herself to vanish completely, in Lark's body.

It's also revealed that Tepes thinks of Lark as if he were her own son. Tepes states to Lizzie that even though Lark is not her biological son he is very precious to her as if he really were. She is now inside Lizzie's body after Lizzie sacrificed herself so Tepes could live on without any risk of disappearing, and continue to watch over and protect Lark. After being taken to Lark's home in Nergal she escaped unnoticed from the house and went to find Lark. Lately Tepes has been seen watching Lark and his company heading to Cladi in a horse carriage. Tepes still seems to want to protect Lark from any danger he may encounter with all her might.

She has recently met Lark in secret and told him about his origins and that he like the vampires was born with a hidden ability which she awakened she then leaves thinking she is sorry but she can't stay with him right now because there are things she has to do for Lizzie who sacrificed herself for her to life and they will meet again someday. When talking to Navarus she acknowledges Lark as her own child.

When Tepes meets with Lark once again she seems to no longer treat Lark like a normal guardian but as a son shown when she imminently scolds him for being to loud, and when Bathony told Tepes Lark was going to die she was very worried for his safety and kept asking her what it meant before she was forced out of Carmilla's dream world.

when she tells Lark she going to meet Theresia she says she's always wanted him to be happy and whatever he decides he'll respect. When he's about to fall asleep in the darkness he says to Lark "Please keep doing your best...Lark. My son."

Ex Friends

Carmilla Erzsebet


Tepes former friend.

Carmilla was the second leader who lead the vampire alongside Carmilla for hundreds of years. However, Carmilla left to create a new world just for vampires while Tepes and her followers chose to stay behind. Tepes hates Carmilla and told Nergal that she couldn't forgive her for what she was doing to the vampires in the outside world and would tear her to pieces.  

While inside of Lark's body, she tends to interfere with Carmilla's attempts at "guiding" Lark, and has once killed her in Lark's dream world in order to get her out of the way because she states that Carmilla does not understand Lark like she does.  Carmilla has known that Tepes has been inside of Lark ever since she walked into his dream around the time he first arrived in Crepuscule and since then has been watching over him, something Tepes evidently does not care for.  Her loathing towards Carmilla has only seemed to increase as time went by, although her love for Lark and her promise towards Florian have kept her from stopping Carmilla from speaking with Lark completely for the most part. Tepes wishes to take over Carmilla's body and destroy the world she created, putting the paradise called Crepuscule to an end and setting everything straight.

Gilles de Rais

Ch.83-Gilles with the whip

Tepes former friend.

Gilles is the charge that she took in when he was still young, lost and alone in the forest.  She often put him through hell and trained him, wanting him to toughen up so that he wouldn't be bullied anymore and going so far as to tell Carmilla to keep her children away from him because they were bothering him.  They had a parent-son relationship before Gilles went to Crepuscule, but Gilles - because of a misunderstanding - insulted her and ruined their relationship. Tepes states that she doesn't ever want to see him in front of her again and that she hopes they never meet again.

In the past, she taught him how to tap into and use his power because his father was strong and she wanted to make him the same.  While she was his father's hated rival, she still respected his power all the same.  In fact, one of the first things he learned from her was how to make his ice turn into hail.  She seems to think she can talk sense into him most of the time after they meet again decades later, but in the end her hand was forced in order to reel him in to her side.

Still, it's obvious that Tepes regards the past relationship between her and Gilles completely pointless and unworthy and she does not genuinely care about him anymore -whereas Gilles still seeks her attention desperately-, as can be easily inferred from Tepes's decision to disappear from Lark's body: If she still cared about Gilles, she wouldn't have decided to erase herself.



Tepes former friend.

In the past, it seems like she thought fairly highly of Nergal and respected him.  It's implied that she might've had some feelings for him, but they faded because he was always looking at Carmilla and followed her to Crepuscule. They got into at least two fights before Nergal tries to kill her, very nearly succeeding had it not been for the other side of Tepes's ability saving her by becoming one with Lark.


  • It was reveled by Tepes that Lark did not inherit his red eyes from her but we're born naturally with them.
  • It has been revealed in chapter 163 that well Tepes is asleep inside Lark, and her younger sister Theresia is alive and well in Crepuscule and is now leading the surviving members of Tepes's clan in secret, using the people inside as her prey to strengthen herself.
  • Tepes is no longer in Lark's body but now inside Lizzie's body. She is now following Lark secretly.
  • Tepes reveled to Lark she killed the Crimson eyed humans before they could awaken there abilities.
  • Tepes awakened Lark's hidden ability.
  • Tepes tells Lark that he is the last Crimson eyed human that exists and the last hope humanity has but pleads for Lark to help and save them instead of the humans.
  • While talking to Navarus, Tepes says she has been looking through Lark's eyes all these years and says that he has been her child all along.
  • Recently Tepes says "Please keep doing your best...Lark. My son." Indicating she thinks of Lark as her son and no longer just as Florian's child she is obligated to look after.

Other InformationEdit

It is interesting to note that Vlad Tepes takes her name from Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia - also known as Vlad the Impaler, or Vlad Dracula (after his father, Vlad II Dracul), though Tepes here seems to possess much more rational-and even extremely warm-personality than Vlad III, and her gender differs from the notorious prince which became the motive of her name. The real Vlad Tepes, of course, inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula, the original and definitive vampire story.