Theresia Tepes
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Name Theresia Tepes
Hangul 테레지아 체페쉬
Race Pureblood Vampire
Age 900+
Gender Female
Eyes Red
Hair Red
Unusual Features Darkness covering right side of face and shoulder.
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation Resolute Clan
Occupation None
Previous Occupation Resolute Clan Leader
Personal Status
Status Alive sleeping in the darkness with her sister.
Relatives Vlad Tepes (Older Sister)

Lark Alfen (Adoptive Nephew)

First Appearance

Theresia Tepes is Vlad Tepes's younger sister. Her current whereabouts were unknown until just recently it was revealed she was secretly living in Crepuscule, hoping to come into the power to rule the world.

Character InformationEdit

Theresia's first name comes from the Austrian queen, Maria Theresia.



Whenever Theresia is shown, she is displayed as a shadowy figure but from what can be seen: she wears her hair up and she wears the dress of a noble, as Tepes herself is from a noble household. She always carries a fan around with her as well, often using it to hide behind when she laughs.

In the latest chapter it has been shown that Theresia wears a white formal lacy dress with white matching gloves. It has been revealed that her face is covered by a white veil and her fan is white with yellow and red designs on it. In the latest chapter it is revealed that Theresia looks similar to her elder sister Vlad. She has long red hair and red eyes indicating she is a pure blooded vampire. Unlike her sister who leaves her hair down in a ponytail Theresia has her hair in a bun with a silver butterfly pin. It is also shown on Theresia's whole right side that it is covered in what looks like black darkness, which has in fact caused by a human sorcerer who deceived her and tried to use her as a vampire sample of his experiment. Because of this betrayal, Theresia, once a loving creature with a kind nature, turned into a cold-blooded and cruel person for the rest of her life. In chapter 184 It has been revealed by Lizy Ellon that Theresia like her sister Vlad Tepes and now Lark as well also has red tattoos on her face but Lizy states that unlike Tepes and Lark who are not afraid to show them in public Theresia does not show them to  everyone. Only three people know about it including Tepes. How Lark knew about it is unknown.


Theresia seems to be far more cold-blooded and cruel than her older sister as Theresia relentlessly kills people who opposes her and sacrifices people of her clan as her prey. She also imposes on Lizy to transfer Lizy's power of 'invalidation' to her.

Normally she hides in the forest in Crepuscule, waiting for someone to pass by. When a passer-by approaches her she kills the person to drink his or her blood.


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Theresia in love with a human.

It was revealed that thousand of years ago before the war between the vampires and humans broke out Theresia was a kind and gentle young woman and at one point in time fell in love with a human, but the human tricked her and cursed her using a magic sword, casing the black sustenance that formed on her face. She then slaughtered the man by cutting his head of and dragging it with her, killing everyone in the village, hence she was the one who started the war. This incident caused her to lose her mind and go insane.

Theresia was seen with her sister telling her not to beat up Gilles because he could die. When Crepuscule was created she isolated herself from the outside world and disappeared but she reappeared 10 years after her sister, Vlad Tepes, suddenly vanished from her village. Now she is the leader of her sister's clan, taking over her.

Plot OverviewEdit

Part II

It has been revealed that Theresia is alive and has been in Crepuscule all along.

Part III

Theresia is first seen in Crepescule sitting by a tree with Louis and Queeny guarding her there she talks to Neal about how she has been gone for so many years and not a lot of people know who she is. She tells Neal she can remove his cures and cure his eye.

She is next seen asking Queeny if Lizzie got back to the village safely and about Neal, and if he is angry with hear for killing his mother. She then she says she will personally go to the forest were she kills a vampire and consumes his blood to absorb his power. She is then seen when Lizzie returns from the human world were she asks what happened and if she met with the vampires from the 'inside' she then asks Lizzie to give her, her power for the sake of the clan and when Lizzie does not answer she says Lizzie as not only betrayed her but also the clan she will be the next sacrifice.

She is not seen until Setz confronts Neal about her and what there doing were she punches him in the face and tells him to come with her. She then appears in the passage way with Neal, Louis, and Setz who is captured and says it was a good thing they arrived before the ability wore off. She asks Lark if he is the Crimson eyed human. She berates him for ruining her plans and tells him she had to make an extra sacrifice to please the clan, which Lark tells her to shut up and put Seere back the way she was.

Which she says in a mocking voice that what was happening to Seere is a side effect of her ability and it was such a shame but there is no cure to it and her body was rotting from the inside out and she would die soon. She then appears before him and attempts to kick his head but he dodges, she then tells him to be careful as Louis punches him in the face but again he manages to dodge it.

Theresa 2
She teams up with Louis to fight Lark but she manages to to sneak up behind him after he got kicked in the stomach by Louis and was falling and kicked him in the back knocking him out cold on the ground for a few seconds. When Lark awakened and addresses her as Tepes she snickers and tells him that he is correct and her name is Theresia Tepes.

When Lark tells her he knows what she is doing on the outside and she won't be forgiven, she tells him to shut up and some people agree while stomping his head into the ground.

Theresia true face
She said she was going to use Lizzie's power to destroy the world, she felt 'the children' vampires in the world don't deserve their abilites, and she has been using her ability, absorbing the ability of others. She tells Lark she knows what he is and that he has an ability, but she gets a confused look on her face. Bathony then shoots a magic beam at her face making her release Lark. She then ask why Lark why he had her brother's ability. While distracted by Lark, she gets attacked by Sibel. When Louis falls from her arms, she doesn't seem to be fazed at all in fact she calls him a useless bastard. She and Sibel then discuss the cold weather created by Sibel's ability *blizzard*. When Queeny try's to attack her from behind she counters and attacks him across the face with her claws.
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Lark then appears she address him as 'elder brother and tells Lark that Queeny thought Vlad Tepes had betrayed them but she knew the truth, that Lizzie had died because of the crimson eyed human. Lark says he doesn't care who his opponent is while he attacks her with a new light technique. Theresia and Sibel both named it 'Light Arrow'. She then again addresses him as brother while looking at Lark who know is infuriated, and his eyes are glowing a crimson red.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Power Absorption: Theresia's innate ability is absorbing the ability of others she does this by drinking their blood and absorbing the ability through their blood.

Darkness: It is revealed by Vlad Tepes that Theresia was never born with the darkness ability her sister gave her a small portion of her power to fix her face, but she never did. When used it appears as pitch black darkness.

Theresia does not have the 'Light' ability as she is obsessively trying to steal it from Lark.




Theresia's older sister

Vlad Tepes

Vlad Tepes is Theresia's older sister however while speaking to Vlad and others she addresses her as 'elder brother'. Her relationship with her sister seems to be twisted, after seeing Lark using her sisters power she starts to address him as her elder brother, she seems to be obsessed with her sisters power when after seeing Lark using it she was mesmerized every time he used it.

Lark angry

Theresia's adopted nephew

Lark Alfen

It is not sure yet how Theresia sees Lark, but it has been hinted she needs him to fulfill her goals one of them being releasing Carmilla, she has on several occasions playfully mocked him about Seere and attacked him. It is however been shown that unlike her older 'brother', who loves Lark, Theresia does not. However after Lark uses his Light ability, she tells him as Vlad's sister, she is the rightful owner of the light ability she plans to take him to Carmilla, and after he dies, bringing Carmilla back into the world, she attends to take it for herself.

Ironically even though they fight and don't get along, as her older sister is Lark's adopted mother, that would make her Lark's adopted aunt and him her adopted nephew making them family.




Ex Friends

Lizy Ellon



  • It has been revealed Theresia has been brainwashing Seere ever since she was a child.
  • Theresia told Seere everything about the Crimson eyed human, but it appears unlike her older sister, Theresia does not know who it is because Seere was shocked and relieved when she found out it was Lark, like Navures she seems to be looking for him to release Carmilla.
  • Somehow Theresia knew Lark had an ability, and it was her brother's ability.
  • Somehow Theresia knew Lizzie died, and it was for Lark's sake something Lark didn't even know.
  • Theresia is Lark's adopted aunt.