Sibel Ayaton
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Name Sibel Ayaton
Hangul 시벨 아야톤
Race Pureblood Incubus
Gender Male
Eyes Mauve
Hair Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation Queeny Master
Occupation Council Member

Head of the Ayaton region

Personal Status
Status Deceased
First Appearance

Sibel Ayaton is a Pureblood Incubus. He is a member of The Council and the ruler of the Ayaton.

Character InformationEdit




Before the series begins Sibel is in 'the forest' when he comes across Theresia Tepes who kills him sometime later Queeny Raymond uses his power to bring him back to an extent. He then goes back to ruling is region and working for Queeny in secret.

Plot OverviewEdit

Part IIIEdit

Powers and abilitiesEdit


Blizzard: Sibel's ability is blizzard he can create snowstorms

Swordsmanship: Sibel is vary good with a sword demonstrated when he slashed Theresia with a sword.



Queeny Raymond is Sibel's master some time before the series Sibel was checking 'the forest' when Theresia killed him some how Queeny used his power to bring him back. Sibel is very loyal to Queeny shown when even though Sibel had no ill will against Lark when Queeny told him to kill Lark because he was responsible for Lizzie's death he agrees to do so with out hesitation.

Theresia Tepes

Sibel hates Theresia for killing him he has tried to kill her twice but failed. He pretended to get along with her to protect Queeny his master.

Lark Alfen

When Sibel first meets Lark they pass each other in the school hallway and he seems to have no ill will or interest in Lark at the time stating he couldn't scenes any power coming from Lark. They don't meet until the passage way we're he is shocked when Lark uses is Light arrows on Theresia.

When Theresia disappears and there about to leave he attack Lark stating that there similar in the fact that there both about to die for the once the care about the most and he tells him to go to hell with him. He then asks who he was going to die for.

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