Richard Alfen
Name Richard Alfen
Hangul 리처드
Race Human
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Professional Status
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Florian Alfen (Wife) †

Lark Alfen (Son)

First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Vol.II Ch.110

Richard Alfen was the human father of Lark.

Character InformationEdit

Appearance Edit

Richard had long hair, of the same blond colour as Lark, and blue eyes. He's very good looking. 


Richard appeared to be a loving person, who was fond of his wife. He was of middle to low class.

History Edit

Ch.111-Richard leaving

Richard biding farewell to his wife

Richard Alfen was an average English man. While his wife, Florian, was pregnant to his child, he left for a trip, but never returned. He died in a carriage accident. Two  months later, his wife gave birth to a son, which was named "Lark Alfen".