Rampage is a phenomenon that occurs in Crepuscule in which one of the world's inhabitat turns mentally and physically unstable and then goes on a violent killing spree. The cornea of the rampager's eyes turns red, and the rampage is accompanied by sudden growth (in Carne Greyfell's case, she prematurely gained access to her ability and the wings she shouldn't have had until she was an adult) and an explosion of power. If the growth is complete, then it can't be reversed. After the rampage is finished, the rampager will likely cease to exist.

List of rampagesEdit

  • Crawford's rampage
  • Carne's first rampage
  • Carne's second rampage
  • Neal's Rampage
There are currently four known rampages: the rampage of the succubi leader, Crawford Erzsebet, two of Carne Greyfell, the second ending in her death, and that of Nirvanah Sermenys.  Crawford's rampage led to the disappearance of all of the succubi - minus Angela Erzebet, who fell into a coma. Carne's first rampage led to the death of her parents. Her second rampage led to the deaths of four Arzew students before teachers of Arzew Academy let her power consume her life before she could destroy the school and kill any more students. Nirvanah's rampage did not kill anyone, though he did injure Setz and nearly kill Navarus.