Name Priscilla
Hangul 프리실라
Race Pureblood Werewolf
Age First Generation
Gender Female
Eyes Orange with Vertical Pupils
Hair Blue
Unusual Features Werewolf Ears and Tail
Professional Status
Affiliation Vlad Tepes Faction
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Queeny (Son)
First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Chapter 114

Priscilla was a first generation pureblood werewolf. She belonged to the group of vampires that live in the human world. She died a few years ago.

Character InformationEdit


Priscilla has werewolf ears and tail, as all the pureblood werewolves. She has long, violet hair with lavender highlights. Her ears are small and her tail long, thin and violet. She has two moles in her face: one under her right eye and another one under the mouth. 


Priscilla is a proud person. She considers humans as lower species and that explains well why she allied with Vlad Tepes and refused to go to Crepuscule


Hundreds of years ago, when Carmilla offered to create a world exclusively for vampires, Priscilla belonged to the minority of vampires that refused to join Crepuscule. With Vlad Tepes as their leader, this group has been living all those years in the human world. 

Around 15 years ago, Priscilla became pregnant. The child that was due to be born, was considered a precious one. Around the time her labour was due, Priscilla went out for a walk. Suddenly, she began suffering from labour pains, something unprecedent for the vampire species. Many hours after she was gone, Vlad found her and lead her back to their village. There, Florian Alfen helped her deliver her baby. Some time later, while Priscilla was still feeling unwell, Lizy came to visit her and her baby. When Priscilla learned from her that a human helped her give birth, she was infuriated for this humilation. Although, Tepes ordered that she treated Florian well, as soon as she left, Priscilla payed a visit to Florian. 

Later Priscilla was voted to be sacrificed for Theresia and was killed. 


  • Lately it was revealed that Queeny Raymond was Priscilla's son and the baby Florian helped deliver. But Queeny didn't seem to care much about Priscilla,as he did not resent Theresia for killing his mother. On the contrary Queeny said it was perfectly okay to do so.