Name Muscle
Hangul 머슬
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation Arzew Academy
Occupation Teacher
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Chapter 14

Muscle teaches Magic at Arzew Academy.

Plot overviewEdit

During Carne's second rampage, Muscle is called by the director of Arzew, Navarus, to his office, late at night. At the office also go Buzzi, Laura, and Angela. As soon as Laura starts asking questions about the reason they were called and about the fire at the main building, Olivier Ostern steps in the office. He informs everyone that the fire is caused by Carne and asks Navarus to undo the magical barrier set at Arzew, which prevents high level magic from being performed at the school. Navarus priotizes stopping Carne's rampage and accepts. After this, Muscle, Olivier and Laura go where Carne is. Olivier quickly draws a magic circle beneath where Carne is, in order to perform an Ability Sealing ceremony. He asks from Muscle to help him with his powers. Olivier starts the ceremony and, soon enough, the magic circle starts breaking, as the magical power begins to flow backwards. At last, Carne falls from the sky and Setz catches her, but, a while afterwards, the girl dissipates. Angela explains that Carne was actually on a rampage and has met the same end with Crawford.