Lark Alfen
Lark 12
Name Lark Alfen
Hangul 라크 알펜
Race Crimson Eyed Human
Birthday September 10th
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 170cm
Eyes Red
Hair Blonde
Unusual Features Tattoos on face and neck
Professional Status
Affiliation Vlad Tepes Bathory Erzsebet II
Occupation Guardian of the vampires.
Previous Occupation Student

Student Council

Partner Bathory Erzsebet II
Personal Status
Status Alive, Whereabouts unknown.
Relatives Angela Erzsebet (Adoptive Mother) †

Carmilla Erzsebet (Adoptive Aunt)

Bathory Erzsebet I (Adoptive Aunt) †

Bathory Erzsebet II (Adoptive Cousin)

Vlad Tepes (Adoptive Mother)
Theresia Tepes (Adoptive Aunt)
Florian Alfen (Biological Mother) †
Richard Alfen (Biological Father) †

Alias Monster By Humans

The Light By Vlad Tepes

First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Chapter 1

Lark Alfen served as a member of Arzew's student council until he and his partner Bathory left to become the guardians of the vampires. Having the responsibility to watch over and protect the remaining vampires now living in the human world.

Character InformationEdit


Lark 2

Lark has red eyes similar to vampires despite being born to human parents, being a so called red eyed human. Lark has messy blonde hair reminicent of his father but shorter. He stands at 170cm and wears his school uniform on most occasions, consisting of a red trimmed black coat atop a white shirt with a black tie coupled with black opants and shoes. Lark wears Carmilla's necklace under his clothes, it given to him as a parting gift from Arche shortly before he left for Arzew.

After Tepes gave Lark permission to use her powers his hair turns to the same red colour as hers. He also gains the same tribal inspired tatoos on his face and arms. This change in appearance only happens when Lark surrenders control of his body to Tepes or when she forcefully takes the reigns herself. This transformation also occurs when Lark is emotionally unstable. 

In the epilogue Lark is wears a cloak to protect himself from the sun.


Lark 10

Lark happy.

Lark is a light-hearted slacker. He isn't always the brightest of the characthers but he can occasionaly be insightfull. Lark has a good dispostion towards the people he encounters, but secretly behind his smile he hides a feeling of insecurity about his existence as a red eyed human in a monster popualted world. He has devloped some abandoment issues over the years, sparked by the great ease that Setz his first and only friend could "abandon" him. Years of emotional torture in the human world conserning his red eyes has left Lark with the inner desire to remain as normal as possible without staning out.

Lark doesn't seem to care about formalities when addressing his elders as when he talks to them all he addresses them casually and informally by their first name or last name, though none of them so far seem to have reprimanded him for this disrespectful act.

After Angela's murder, Vlad Tepes gave Lark her powers. Lark then gained a completely new personality. He became emotionally unstable, grew increasingly cold hearted, became arrogant and distanced himself from everyone even his most dearest friends. He became very confrontational and aggressive, beating anyone that stood in his way. After learning of Vlad's past and her connection to him he regained some of his sanity and then he let Tepes soothe his emotional scars from Angelas passing but he still remained cocky and acted in a more forceful way. Since then he's been single-mindedly focusing on his own goals and Tepes goals but he still wanted to continue his time in school thanks to Angelas wish.

Before Tepes once again goes back to "sleep" Lark develops some new character traits resembling Tepes ways. He starts to be increasingly Tepes-like in his way of handeling himself in battle and even acts like her when around his friends.

Since Tepes has gone back to "sleep" Lark's personality has stayed as a offshot of Tepes own personality, staying calm and friendly among friends while becoming frustrated and angered by enemies actions.

Since Tepes left Lark's body Lark's personality has remained and even developed something closer to Tepes own. Caring little for things that doesn't concern him and looking down on anyone outside his immediate friendship zone. Lark had been increasingly emotionally unstable as well, losing his temper mopre often and becoming even more violent.

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Lark infuriated.

It seems Lark has inherited the majority of his personally from Vlad Tepes meaning though he acts arrogant and pridefull he doesn't care about himself, saying this muliple times even saying to Setz he doesn't care if he dies.

They are also similar in many ways an example of this is when Tepes didn't tell Lark he was going to diseaper forever because he was afread Lark would be sad, Lark didn't tell Tepes he was going to die for the same reason.

Vlad Tepes seems to drastically influence Lark's personality when Tepes is around he seems to be happy and relaxed and when she isn't around he seems to be irritated, angry and act out quite violently.


Lark's father died in a carriage accident two months before Lark was born. His mother died of a seizure several weeks after his birth because Tepes used her darkness ability to meld with her unborn child. After the death of both of his parents, Lark was left in the care of his mother's sister. Lark's foster parents treated the red-eyed boy as a monster who caused the death of his parents.


5 year old Lark

Lark's red eyes also caused him to be bullied and called a monster, by the other kids in his village. Around the time he was 5 years old, Lark met Setz, a real vampire with red eyes who became Lark's first friend.

Because his guardians were thinking of sending him back to the orphanage, Lark decided to leave their care and run away. Before going, he wanted to say goodbye to his only friend, Setz. However, Setz decided to take Lark with him to his World, where everyone has red eyes, so that they wouldn't have to separate. But upon their arrival, Setz had to leave Lark with Angela because he had to return home with his father Ratatusk Trenkel Navarus. Lark then stayed with Angela in the Nergal region for ten years, attending weekend school at the local village.

Plot OverviewEdit

Part IEdit

Ten years later after leaving the human world, Lark is enrolled by Angela in Arzew Academy in Navarus, despite his complaints. Angela orders him to retrieve some ingredients from the director of the school for her.

Lark arrives in Navarus and finishes first in the sunlight entrance exam.Later, he befriends a classmate of his, Seere Klein. At first, he dislikes his new whereabouts and sets to find the Director of Arzew, in order to retrieve Angela's ingredients and return to Nergal. But, after meeting Bathory, who recognizes him as human, he is scared to meet a first generation vampire, abandons his mission, and stays in his room depressed. An unexpected meeting with Seere brightens him and he starts attending his classes after missing one whole day. He soon makes a second friend, his roomate, Sia Kul.

Some time later, in the day of the student council's Declaration Ceremony, he mistakenly comes across Carne Greyfell and Neal. While trying to help Neal during his fit of rage, Lark is wounded badly by Neal and collapses.

While sleeping, Lark has his first dream of the veiled woman. He wakes up, some time later, in the infirmary, and discovers that Angela has come to school as a nurse. While recovering there, he sees Setz again after 10 years, when the boy comes to apologize on behalf of Neal. Lark promises Angela to make up with him, in return for obtaining from her, a rare book that informs humans how to use magic. As time passes, with the help of Angela and Bathory, he starts regaining his friendship with him.

On the day Nergal invades the school to kidnap Bathory, Lark discovers that the noble knows about his human identity. He also learns about Carmilla and the research Angela is working on under Navarus. This causes him to distance himself for a while from her, until Bathory advises him to go talk with her.

Some time later, a little before the make up exams, he starts planning a tour in Navarus for him and his friends. One of these days, the veiled woman appears in his dream again. Lark starts questioning her about who she is and what's going on. Suddenly, the veiled woman disappears and while searching for her, Lark comes across a twin of him with red hair, pureblood vampire eyes and tattoos on his face and neck. At that moment, Lark wakes up. For the first time, he remembers all of the dreams he has been having of the veiled woman. He runs to the infirmary to find Angela and tell her about these dreams. To his surprise, Angela is actually there. As soon as she notices Lark, she gives him a crystal ball with which to contact Bathory, and tells him to get out of the building, to be safe. Lark calls Bathory and tells her to meet him in front of the main building. They meet there and become witnesses of Carne's rampage and death. At the end of it all, Angela turns and says to Lark and the other students that have gathered, to return to their dorms. As Lark is leaving, he is thinking that next time he sees Angela, he will tell her about his dreams. But, he is unable to contact Angela the period after the rampage, and Bathory tells him that the woman is in the Council.

Part IIEdit

A week passes since Angela left for the Council. Lark sends her a letter that doesn't reach her. He learns from Bathory that Setz is overstressing himself, so he decides to help with student council work. The same night, Setz reveals to him his unnatural birth. Not long after this, Lark has a dream where the veiled woman, who is crying, tells him to stay strong. The next morning, Bathory informs him that Angela has gone missing while returning from the Council. Lark spends the following days anxious over Angela's fate. The veiled woman appears again in his dream and reveals that she is Carmilla. Lark asks Carmilla whether Angela is alive, only to find out that she's dead. Sunked into despair, he demands from Carmilla to reveal the identity of the killer. Carmilla refuses and says that his sorrow is too dark and deep. Suddenly, Carmilla is stabbed through the chest by Lark's red-haired doppelganger. Carmilla fades away and the doppelganger identifies herself as Vlad Tepes and offers Lark her power to help him avenge Angela's killers. Lark, blinded by sadness and boiling rage, accepts the offer.

He wakes up the next day and reveals his new "Light" ability by blowing up a large part of the roof during the "Ability Releasing Ceremony" of his class. Later, Setz demands explanations from Lark about his powers, but Lark asks him to not interfere in his plans. He then goes to meet the teachers and he gets one week probation and two weeks of community services as a punishment for the destruction he caused. He decides to leave school during his probation and go find Nergal, in order to discover something about Angela. Sia asks explanations about his behavior and Lark invites him to a fight. Sia almost wins, until Tepes takes over - Sia realizing it's not Lark - and leaves Sia unconscious. 

Lark then goes to Angela's house and Nergal appears. Lark acts arrogantly and, while trying to get information from him about Angela, he calls Nergal his pet. The noble instantly gets angry and starts a battle with him. He easily brings Lark to the ground and starts asking him questions about his connection to Tepes. After a while, while Nergal is hurting Lark, Tepes intervenes. Lark passes out and appears before her. The vampire then shows Lark a flashback of how she met his mother and got inside him. After it has finished, Lark blames her for his mother's death. Tepes, to repay for it, promises to help him in his quest to find Angela's murderers and states that she will give Lark everything that she has until there is nothing left to give to him.

Lark wakes up and sees that Seere and Sia are there with him inside of Angela's house, though he's unaware of the fact that Nergal had been taking care of him up until their arrival. Seere heals him and, when she is done, Lark returns to school with them. After they have arrived, he meets Setz and Sai, and asks that if they can go to meet Navarus. They arrive at Navarus' office and meet Bathory. Sylvia is discovered, tied up and admits to killing Angela. Later, Navarus enters and Lark asks Navarus to explain himself. When Navarus refuses, but Lark confesses that he knows the secret behind the Forest of Night and that he came from the outer world, leaving Navarus to believe that he is from Tepes' clan. Lark calls Navarus incompetent and declares he'll continue on alone and leaves the office. Bathory follows him, and asks what his intentions are. Lark just declares that he can never forgive the council, as his hair turns red and he gain the same tattoos as Tepes.

Lark then heads to the council with Bathony, Setz, and Sai - Nil tagging along in the shadows - learning who the council members are and what their abilities are. The group is then confronted by the door keeper, who Lark uses his speed to stop alongside Sai's ability. They are then grabbed by branches and pulled through toward the council building, leaving Sai behind to fight alone after Sai's insistence that he'll be just fine. Next they are confronted by Millefeuille who gets Lark's name wrong in a comedic moment, then attacking Setz. Lark uses his ability to save him and then begins to fight her; she is stopped when Setz somehow awakens a fire spirit and knocks her unconcious. Her brother Chocolat shows up and destroys it, stating that his power is stronger. Lark and Chocolat fight, which leads to Lark getting hit with his own ability and slashed in the arm, but he manages to heal himself thanks to another part of his ability before they manage to knock Chocolat out as well. Lark then tells them all to get somewere safe and heads to Gilles de Rais alone. While heading there he is seen talking to Tepes, who he has a short conversation with. When Lark gets to the main hall of the manor, he thinks Gilles's words are arrogant, but can't understand why he thinks that way.

When he confronts Gilles they begin to fight, Gilles was curious at how Lark still had control of his body before explaining to Lark that Tepes's true dark ability is the complete take over of another body, getting inside of the person's body and erasing their existence, controlling their body to life forever. In the middle of the fight, Lark's hair turns completly red and his eyes turn to match those of a pureblood vampire as he gains Tepes's tribal markings on his face. Gilles taunts him, saying that this could be the takeover starting. When Lark was on the verge of winning, Tepes once again pulls him in his subconcious, and when Lark yelled at her for interfering with his fight Tepes just glared at him and walked away, taking control of his body.

While in his conciousness and during an existential crisis, Carmilla showed up and explained their connenction, asking Lark to stop Tepes for she was going to do something reckless. She disappeared before telling him what it was. After Lark learned Tepes planned to leave Lark's body and take over Carmilla's body to destroy the world, returning things to the way they were previously, he seems to settle down from his nervous breakdown and instead contents himself sitting back and watching.  If Tepes destroys the world, she'll be granting Angela's wish, so Lark figures that it'll be fine this way.

After Gilles de Rais melts the ice over his wound and knocks Bathory out, a bored and restless Lark is confronted by Bathory inside of his subconcious.  She asks him why he's not trying to stop Tepes, but he explains that this is what Angela wants so there's absolutely no reason for him to stop Tepes.  Bathory tells him to shut up and slaps him across the face.

Lark asked Bathory why it hurt so much when she slapped him if there in a dream which she replies that it's because his dreams are the same thing as his subconscious. After Bathory tells Lark that he's still doing the same this he did before just running away from Angela's death and leaving it all up to Tepes, and reminding him that he said that he was the one that was going to stop the council - not Tepes - she tells him that he is not Tepes. Lark asks Bathory what did she expected him to do and tells Bathony that he knows that even though he got a hold of Tepes's power, he doesn't have the right to be so arrogant, as the power never belonged to him, stating to himself that he now knows that from the very beginning that everything was a lie. He states to himself that he would even take 'the world' to make himself feel better, especially since Angela couldn't stop him anymore. Lark then begins to cry and tells Bathory that what she saw in front of her was all that he was. After Bathory delves more in-depth about Tepes's plans to kill all the vampires in Crepuscule, Lark confused asks Bathory what she means and to explain.

However, Bathory does not need to explain; Lark realizes on his own that Angela didn't want Crepuscule to be destroyed until she had found a cure for the universal weakness of everyone but Lark inside of Crepuscule: the sunlight. He knows that if someone like Setz were to go outside, the sunlight would kill him. Bathory gives Lark the push that he needs and somehow he overpowers his other half - Tepes - regaining control of his body before Tepes can finish her business with Gilles de Rais. Both Lark and Gilles are confused, but Lark shakes it off and sees that Bathory is knocked out. He goes to help her, but Gilles gets up from where he's sitting and gets angry, grabbing Lark by the throat and saying that he doesn't need Lark, and that he wants Tepes to come back out. Tepes, on the inside, watches over Lark in worry.

At this time, Bathory wakes up and uses magic to hit Gilles in the back opposite of the wound that Lark had made on him earlier. Gilles ends up coughing up blood in disbelief. She tells him that he needs to calm down and control his emotions too and, after calling her arrogant, Gilles lets Lark go and passes out from exhaustion and blood loss. Millefeuille and Chocolat barge in, worried and immediately at Gilles's side, begging Tepes not to kill Gilles. Millefeuille explains what Gilles's motivations were leading up to his departure to Crepuscule, as well as the reasons why he rules the way he did, and very nearly reveals how Gilles still feels about Tepes. Unfortunately, Gilles de Rais wakes up at this time and tells her to please stop; the past is the past and it's useless, and that right now Tepes won't kill him because she still needs him. He looks at Lark for a confirmation of this and instead Tepes makes a projection of herself using her ability much to everyone's shock.

He watches, further in shock, as she beats Gilles de Rais to a pulp and says that she feels a bit better now.  After Tepes explains that Lark finally "understood" her and "rejected" her so she was able to use her ability to manifest herself, subsequently becoming unable to use her power, he states that he doesn't care if he can't use her ability anymore and preserving Angela's wish was important, too.  Finally accepting Angela's death, Lark tries to reason with Tepes that if she destroys Crepuscule the vampires on the outside will be exposed to the sun and die, and that he doesn't want that to happen.  When Tepes gives him her apology that she's going to go ahead with her plan anyway and tells him that she'll have to borrow his body again, he's shown to be what seems to be irritated and mildly betrayed by the look on his face.

When Lark tells Tepes that Crepuscule is his paradise because people accept him in this world, Tepes tells Lark that he is wrong; the only reason he is able to live there is because no one knows he is human yet and tells him to come with her and she would return him to his true paradise. But afterwards Bathory steps in to say that she's Lark's family and she will stay with Lark until he dies; Lark and Tepes seem to have forgotten that this could not be true since Bathory doesn't have much longer to live. Lark rejects Tepes's offer and Tepes thinks to herself everyone she loves rejects her. Tepes tells Lark she is happy he is not lonely anymore, but will fulfill her wishes and once again returns to his body to take him on the road to Carmilla's body.

When Lark wakes up, he is shocked to be standing in front of Carmilla's frozen body. Tepes tells Lark that she knew Lark would find  'road' to Carmilla's body because he was in contact with her soul. She then tells him to kill Carmilla, something that only he can do. She goes on to explain that only by killing Carmilla can Crepuscule be destroyed. Lark says no he won't kill Carmilla and while crying asked Tepes why she won't listen to what he has to say, telling her she is just like everyone else trying to take what little he has left. He then asks her why she won't believe in him, which shocks her because she didn't initially realize that that was exactly what she was doing. Lark say he understands more then anyone what she is trying to do, but it isn't the right time; he explains that Angela was researching the cure and he asks her to wait until it's done to destroy Crepuscule. He understands that Tepes wants to protects the vampires from the outer world, but he wants to protect the vampires from the inner world too. Angela said it will take time, but it will go faster if Tepes helps him. He tells her he believes there is another way, which brings back a memory of Florian and she tells Lark he was right and that she was the only one that didn't believe while smiling at him. She states that Lark has gotten stronger and Florian would be happy.

Lark then asked Tepes if she is finally seeing things from his point of view to which she flatly says no, continuing on to say that she is worried about her people, but is willing to believe in him for now. She says his willingness to protect the ones that are important to him surprised her and then goes on to reveal that his red eyes were not inherited from her, but that he was born naturally with them which shocks him. Tepes then goes on to say in the past she saw humans that were red-eyed humans like Lark a few times and stated being born like that he probably resented it back then. She then tells him his red eyes will aid him from now on and once again allows him to use her abilities as her tribal marks appear on his face, but their conversation ends there without Tepes telling Lark how he was born with red eyes as Lark once again wakes up to tell Setz that he's right.

He then gets up and after calming Bathory's worry with nonchalance, turns on Gilles de Rais and states the conclusion he's come to: that Gilles de Rais respects Tepes and that's why he kept being ruthless about Crepuscule. However, because he respects Tepes he needs Lark and so Gilles won't kill him; Lark says that he'll never meet Gilles again. If Tepes takes on a new body, then Lark will raise the child himself and Gilles will never see that child. He will never, even after he dies, see Gilles de Rais again - that is the punishment he comes up with in regards to Gilles de Rais.

When Bathony asks Lark why he caused so much trouble if he is just going to end it, Lark responds that he really doesn't want to end it, but if his friends (Setz and Bathory) can endure it then so can he. Setz tells him he is holding back because Lark told him that though Carnie died she still loved him and even though Angela died Angela still loved them, which Lark starts crying as he remembers that he said something like that and just forgot when it was his turn to believe those words, calling himself a fool. He reassures himself it will be alright from now on.

Lark is next seen staring at the red sky telling Setz the sky seem more red than usual, meaning Lark and his friends are going to change that. Setz then informs him that the carriage has arrived. Setz was going to ask a question but Lark finishes the question about his father and tells him they will look into it when they get back and apologizes to them for what he has done. It then showed them on the carriage leave and Lark stating his revenge is over and that he will go back to school like Angela wanted and complete her research and complete Tepes' dream like she wanted.

He is next seen talking to Seere in the nurses offices and has a flash back of Angela, then seen taking a nap in the nurses offices being watched over by Seere.

Part IIIEdit

Lark wakes up from the nurses offices and says today is another fighting day, leaving to visit his friends and is given disgusted looks by Seere's sister and her friend, confusing Lark. Lark and Seere walk to school alone and spot Setz there. Seere says he should greet him, but Lark says he'll do it later because he knows that Setz is busy since he is student president and will greet him when they're alone. Seere then asked if Lark rested, which he happily replies that he slept for two days.

Lark then thinks that he had a dream that he was on an adventure and that he should go to the library, panicking when Seere asked if he study for there upcoming test, which he didn't. Lark is next seen in class with Seere worried about taking the test, but she tells him it will be alright since it's on Alsace, trying to cheer him up. Then she asks him if he wants to the coffee shop later, which Lark declines and says he has to go to the library. When he does reach the library and looks up humans, it turns out it's banned and gets caught by Laura and runs away.

Walking away he thinks about the council and Tepes before turning around and seeing people behind him, spotting a pink haired female zombie, a blue haired incubus and someone in a panda costume. He is surprised when the zombie addresses him as "young master". They asked him where the directors office is, which he gives them the directions to, and when they walk away the only thing he thinks about is the panda. Running off, he meets up with Setz, awkwardly greeting him.

Meanwhile, after some time later Lark and his friends decide to go and investigate how the outside is. They soon find out Theresia Tepes, Vlad Tepes's younger sister, has taken over as the head of the vampire clan, killing and sacrificing vampires in order to make herself stronger and to keep herself happy. Lark and his friends meets a grown up Lizzie there and comes to know what's currently happening there. But then, Setz, who had drunken Seere's potion, collapses suddenly. Lizy helps him by negating the potion's effect, using her power, and then lets Bathory, Sia, and Setz get back safely to Crepuscule. Lark does not return to Crepuscule with them but stays more for a while. He finds out that Lizzie was going to be killed because she helped his friends escape Theresia unharmed. When He finally found Lizzie, she was already dead, but not from Theresia. Lizzie had sacrificed her own life to let Tepes live on. Lark seemed to notice that right after seeing Lizzie lying on the ground. He then returns to Crepuscule, takes Tepes in Lizzie's body to his home in Nergal, and tells Avi to look after her.

Returning to Arzew, Lark is told to see Navarus, who already knew Lark has been to outside.He asks him how the journey was, and then tells him to find a crimson eyed human, telling it's a crucial key to revive Carmila. This surprises Lark a great deal, as Lark himself was a crimson-eyed human but he did not know what was so special about him and why Navarus needed one like him.

Soon the student council goes on a summer vacation in Reberca. After playing on a beach there Bathory tells Lark that in fact a crimson eye is a symbol of magical power,calling Lark 'a miracle'. She tells him the crimson eyed humans are those who violates a contract between vampires and humans, since the contract enabled only vampires to have crimson eyes. When Lark tells her only vampires privilege from the contract, Bathory assumes that's maybe because there was some kind of war between vampires and humans a long time ago, and humans lost to vampires.

After listening to Bathory, Setz asks how Lizzie is to Lark, informing him he's got Lizzie's power of negation-undoing something caused by humans or vampires. Lark tells him Lizzie is already dead, and Tepes has taken over Lizzie's body, thereby getting her own body to control.

After playing at the beach the student council goes to visit Eoria Reberca the ruler of the Reberca region were she request a private conversation with Setz and Lark. After their conversation Lark becomes arrogant once more and angers Eoria by telling her he doesn't care about what the council does. He then follows her to a big reason on menfolk for sparing were he wanders if all this is really necessary to reprimand a rude child like him? Eoria replies by saying she knows Lark is no normal child and is a descendant of Tepes.

She then begins to fight him but she is to fast for him and she slashes his arm he uses his light ability to heal himself but Eoria having gotten some of Larks blood on her hand says it seems unique and wonders if it is due to him being a descendant of Tepes. She then explains her ability 'evaporating everything she touches and herself', which Lark already says he already knew what her ability is and that she is acting childish. Setz then steps in saying there both childish and wonders why Lark has to die, Eoria is surprised Setz would care seeing that he is Navarus son. This angers Setz who uses his fire spirit to attack Eoria only to fail. Lark then tells Setz to get back,that he will handle it Setz tells Lark it feels like Larks personality changes everytime he fights.

Eoria attacks them both Lark disappears and Setz calls out to him which he appears upside down floating in the air, telling Setz that he was going to have to defend himself and not to let Lizzie's ability go to waste. He uses a Light technique to blind and weaken her and lands back down asking Eoria if she is OK. Lark looks up and Eoria is behind him sinking her fangs into his neck and starts to drinks his blood, he then tells her to stop and and shrugs her off.

He then wobbles over to Setz and thinks his ability isn't working at the moment and wonders if it is because he lost some blood, He then tells Setz that he thought vampires in the world weren't suppose to drink blood anymore. Lark wonders if is Light ability didn't effect Eoria or if drinking his blood somehow made her recover faster making him wonder if is blood special.

Setz berates him for recklessly throwing his power around.Lark worryingly calls out Setz name when he attacks Eoria. Setz says her eyes look crazy. Eoria then attacks the water pipes breaking them and water rushes in. Lark notices the exits behind Eoria, Eoria then starts acting crazyer saying after drinking Larks blood it feels like she can do anything she then ask Lark if she can have more addressing him as young master. Setz ask Lark when this is over if he can try some which he immediately flat out refuses.

Lark then realizes that he can't feel any manna in his body and wonders if this is because of the blood that was taken. He then tells Eoria this was her plan from the beginning, Setz then tells Lark not to worry as he uses Lizzie's ability to attack Eoria which nullify's her ability and she falls in the water then kicking Setz in the stomach landing them both in the water. Lark looks around for an escape route and notices all the windows broke then his face is trapped in a water bubble by Eoria Setz uses is new ability nullify given to him by Lizzie to nullify the water bubble.

Confused Eoria asked if she has missed something and gets ready to attack. Lark starts glowing red Setz looks worried but Lark says he is fine and that he has a little bit of his power back. and say he'll deal with her. And tell Setz to stay back, as 'Light balls' form all around him. Lark then tells Eoria he knew Eoria was planing to kill him from the start as the water turns a crimson red and starts so spin around his body then without any incantations a huge crimson magic circle appears behind Lark, this frighting Eoria making her wondering how a child summon a magic circle so fast and without any incantations.

Touching the side of his face Lark wonders why the 'Tepes tribel' marks haven't appeared theorizing Vlad Tepes took them with her, saddened about this for a moment he gets over it remembering he still inherited many things from her, her memories and her abilities, thinking to himself that he is strong he fires his new light technique 'Light spear' Lark is next seen being pulled by the water current and grabbing Setz's out stretched hand the water dissipates out the broken windows. Eoria appears protected by a water barrier unharmed.

She tells Lark excitingly he truly is the offspring of Tepes but even so she won't hand the world over to him. Lark asked who would want it? Stretching out his hand at Eoria which begins to glow he says to her he wouldn't take it even if it was given to him. Lark then raises his hand in the air and a crimson light surrounds his whole body. Setz staring in awe states that Lark has an amazing ability, he then feels the earth shack and wonder if this is an illusion cast by Lark. Lark tells Eoria that it is over the ground beneath Eoria feet begins to crumble and she falls. A few seconds later she is on the floor this indicating Lark had cast an illusion on her. Lark states that he is now victorious and questions if she will listen to him.

Bathory then barges in asking what happened and if everything is ok Setz tells them to talk about this in another room. they leave and get changed into new clothes. Eoria tells Lark to hurry up and say whatever it is he has to say becuase she is tired. Lark tells Eoria people like her are pathetic and disappoint him (meaning the elder council) and new council). He tells Eoria not to flatter herself that he did mot take down the elder council for her that he had his own reasons. He tells Eoria the 'world' is not for anyone that is why everyone must choose there on path they will take stating Navarus already chose his.

Lark is next seen with everyone else about to leave to there next location to visit Hubert the werewolf when one of Eoria attendant comes out and gives Lark a sealed envelope Setz and Lark open it and say with this we now have her on our side showing Eoria's Earrings. Bathory scolds Setz and Lark for there previous actions they then leave in the carriage all unaware of a shadowy figure watching from the bushes. In the carriage the teacher is telling them about Hubert but Lark say he doesn't care and it has nothing to do with him in a bored tone. When Lark and the others get to Hubert mansion Herbert says he doesn't need any help and they all go to different bed rooms.

Lark thinks Hubert is to soft and it would be better if he could corner him into a battle like Eoria so he could get him on his side to, He also wonders why Navarus is after him. He puts all these things aside and thinks if he should rest for for the night before returning to school. He then scenes something outside his window but wonders if it was just his imagination when he thinks right he slams opens his door and runs out of the mansion. He runs to the place were he sensed the presence, being a tree but seeing nothing and wonders again if it was just his imagination playing tricks on him.

He then see flower peddles falling and lining up in a row towards a wall he walks towards it and opens the secret door and sees Vlad Tepes in her new body indicating he was right all along. Tepes says she is very happy to see him again. Lark is shocked to see Tepes, he says "your back Tepes" meaning he was surprised she came back to see him. Tepes noticing Lark has begun to talk formally with him says he doesn't have to be so stiff. Tepes then says it is all because of Lark that she could fulfill her goal and come back into the world, which Lark denies saying it was because of Lizzie, Tepes relying yes and she is grateful.

She then ask Lark to explain everything that has been going on sense she has been resting, she tells Lark her goal has not changed. She tells Lark she is going to destroy the world for her people outside she tells Lark not to worry shes not going to be rash and rush in like last time. Tepes then tells him she knows about Theresia and that she has been unstable and hard to handle sense she was a child and she might be hard to beat sense Tepes ability was split in half.

Lark ask her what she meant Tepes tells her that Lark is the 'Light' and she is the 'Darkness' this is because when Tepes merged with Lark her ability split in half and her light ability went to Lark and her darkness ability stayed with here, and when Tepes moved to Lizzie's body for some unknown reason she couldn't take back her light ability from Larks body this is why Lark is the Light and Tepes is the Darkness this is also the meaning Tepes told Lark about her power having to sides,'Light and Darkness' and being inseparable, 'Lark and Tepes' and when I create Light I become the Darkness. meaning Lark is the Light and She is the Darkness.

Lark looks guilty and to ease his mind she said had that not happened she would have given her ability anyway so he should not think about it. Tepes then say's she is going to act separately. And ask him if he remembers the last words she said to him from there last meeting? Lark asked if its about the crimson eyed humans, Tepes asks Lark if he wants to know which Lark says he really wants to know, he wants to know who and what he is and why navarus is after him. He tells Tepes he knows Tepes knows and she should spit it out.

Tepes tell Lark how the sky is red in the world because of the magic, and in the beginning a war broke out started by the humans they slaughtered many vampires in order to stop the war the vampires made a contract taking away the manna from the humans meaning they could no longer do magic and the vampires would only have red eyes. however a very rare few humans found a loophole and kept there manna and the children they gave birth to were the Crimson eyed humans.They were a very rare race born every two to three hundred years.

Tepes said even though his parent were ordinary humans he wasn't an ordinary human, his body is akin to the 'world' meaning it absorbs manna continuously on its own all the time in order to live. Therefore Lark is a being that shouldn't exist, and a myth among the vampires. Tepes the tells Lark she killed the the ones that were alive in the past before there abilities could awaken, telling a confused Lark besides the Light ability she gave him Lark was born with his own ability like the vampires that was asleep until recently when she woke it up when she patted him on the head.

She tells him his ability has begun to awaken and that he his there only hope that the human left behind centuries ago and he pleads to Lark to help them (the vampires).Lark is next seen on his knees distraught that Tepes left, he then hears a noise behind him seeing Seere there makes him wonder how long she was there and. Seere says Crimson eyed human and Lark gets in a fight position asking her what? she then says quietly finally. Lark ask if she is OK and wonders why she is staring of into space Seere says she hasn't heard anything and runs away. Making Lark wonder what happened to her.

Lark and Setz walk to the school school wandering what happened to her when they come across Sia who asks them what they did to Seere both being confused when they get back to school a panic has broken out among the other student council members even the teacher can't calm them down Lark walks in and ask what all this is about. Seeren Seere's younger sister reads them a note written by Seere stating that Lark is to come looking for her or she will tell everyone his secret. He then is next seen in a carriage with Setz and Sia is is asleep.

Setz then wonders why they had to bring Sia along. Setz then thinks what Seere is doing is vary unusual, he then warns Lark to be cautious, reminding him when ever those he considers his enemies attacks him he ends up hurt or the enemies end up severally damaged, Lark looks on with little to no interest. When they get to close house in the Nargel reign hey stop to bicker a bit Sia stops them pointing over to Louis and Neal. Setz gives a special earring that lets the user use telepathy to commune with each other and goes on ahead.

Lark and Sia walk up to Lark's mansion and run into Avi. They say there greeting and when Lark asks if a girl has come threw here he brings up the girl they were suppose to be taking care of, how she escaped and the letter they sent. Sia interupts them, Lark says they have to go well there walking away Avi wonders if Lark misses Angela. They both go upstairs, Lark wondering how he knew to come this way,they open the top door and find Arche sleeping on the floor next to Lark's beep she tells them about the passage way.

They then head toward the passage way when inside they both have a little spat and Sia says he is going to look going to look for Seere in another direction which makes Lark down in the dumps that Sai didn't listen to him. Lark walks around for awhile and finds Bathory.

Then, upon Theresia's plot to get a Crimson-Eyed human near herself, Lark, Setz, and Bathory, along with Seere, fells into the space where Carmilla's body was preserved, to encounter Theresia. Lark starts to rage that Seere was cruelly exploited by Theresia, and begins to attack her with Tepes's ability of Light. Being Vlad Tepes' s own sister, Theresia immediatly recognizes the power and asks whether Vlad Tepes is alive. Lark says she is. Theresia begins to ask, in an disbelieving way, then why Vlad isn't coming to finish her off, but soon says it did not matter anymore, as she could steal the Light ability from Lark, which she always have been envying and longing to possess it. She says she is the rightful owner of the ability, But Lark denies it, and with attacking her once more, tells her not to even mention Tepes's name, that she had no right to do so.

Theresia soon intends to bring him to Carmilla, thus reviving her and getting the Light ability. How it would be like that was immediatly revealed: Seere suddenly says Lark would die upon contacting Carmilla, thereby bringing her back to life. Theresia, therefore, tries with all her might to bring Lark down to his knees, but as she was doing so, Nirvanah went into rampage by Setz, who lifted Lizy's power of nullifying from Nirvanah so the curse which has been set on Nirvanah's left eye by Navarus suddenly went into operation, thereby preventing him from fleeing from the scene. While murmuring that he'd go anywhere to avoid Navarus, he unknowingly transferred Theresia from where she was back to her own home.

Lark, later, returns to school, and talks with Bathory for awhile. Bathory asks him whether he was still determined to bring down Crepuscule, and when he said yes, she promises him that she would help him with all her might, with confessing she was in fact Carmilla's alter ego and this fact have always been linked to her hatred of Carmilla.

Meanwhile, Theresia starts rampaging herself, slowly surrounding Crepuscule with her darkness ability. People starts to get killed by her power, and Tepes, noticing it, warily urges Seere to hurry a bit more with her potion-making. When the potion is fully developed, Lark soon goes to contact Eoria, who had promised to help him previously, in order to let as many vampires as possible know that Crepuscule was soon to be breaked and they needed to be prepared for its downfall.

Power and AbilitiesEdit


0011 (1)

Lark's crimson eyes, hair, and tribal marks

Light: During his first term, in a desperate condition, he accepts Vlad Tepes's ability – light. Lark admits to not understanding his new ability at first and, as such, is unskilled at it. However, it is shown later on that he has come to understand it in his fight with the Council. Lark's light ability tends to appear as destructive crimson lightning. He has also shown the ability to turn his hair red and have the same tattoos as Tepes does. 

In recent chapters when Lark uses his Light ability he is surrounded by a 'Light Aura,' like Tepes used to when she used the Light ability when she had it.

Vlad Tepes has never taught Lark even one Light technique, Lark has learned all of them on his own instinctively. How he did this is still unknown but it might be speculated that this occurred during his 'Birth', with this his ability to apply it naturally comes to him. As Lark's homeroom teacher said there innate abilities will come naturally to him. 

Later on, Tepes reveals to Lark that he was born with his own ability but like the vampire children, this ability has been sleeping dormant since birth and must be awakened by an adult. It takes a week to awaken his ability. How this occurred has not been revealed yet.  

Flight: By manipulating the light particles Lark can use them to fly he can also use them to stand in midair.

Materialize: Lark can use the light particles mixed in with his blood to materialize the torn part of his clothes.  

Heal: Lark can use the Light particles along with his blood to heal his wounds.

Light Sphere: He used this for the first time on Eoria  by fusing his magic circle and his light ability Lark summons light spheres around his body and fires them at his enemy's, taking the form of crimson beams impaling his enemies.

Light Arrows: Lark used this technique on Theresia for the first time, he did not speak any words implying he used his (mind, will) they take the form of crimson red arrows impaling his enemy's.

Purify: One of Lark's Light techniques he recently uses it to Theresia's 'darkness', Lark tells Bathory were ever he walks the darkness is purified and disappears but he tells her this technique has it's limits.

Sensing: Lark has a unique sensing abilitie he is able to sense the presence of those around him he was even able to sense Negal when he was cloaking his presence. Vlad Tepes seems to heighten his sensing ability shown when Lark was inside a building and the window was closed and Tepes was outside Lark could still sense her, This could because of the Light and Darkness abilities they both have in them as Tepes stated they can't be separated. He also confused Theresia with Tepes this could be because Theresia has a small portion of Tepes darkness inside her. It is assumed this sensing ability is connected to Tepes 'Light' ability as he used it right after Tepes awakened the light ability inside him. And Larks Earth ability hadn't been awakened yet.

Larks ability

Lark's 'ability' to create the Earth under his feet.

Geokinesis:  It is revealed that Lark's own innate ability is control the earth itself. His ability takes the form of rocks (earth) floating all around him, Like his 'Light' ability all Lark as to do his think it and it will happen this is because Lark can control the ' Light and 'Earth' at will. In the epilogue it is assumed Lark can use his abilities in the human world as he and Bathory were standing on some 'earth' he supposedly created.

Earth Manipulation: A technique of his earth ability, shown when fighting Eoria and the ground beneath her feet crumpled and fell, Everyone including thought this was a hallucination. 

Earth Creation: A technique of his earth ability, Lark uses this the first time against Eoria unconsciously he created earth beneath her feet so she couldn't float any more, then made it crumple using his will making her fall. He later used this ability when he was consumed by Theresia's Darkness when he was standing on nothing he created earth underneath his feet to walk on in this moment he came to understand his ability.

Longevity: Setz and Lark both imply that Lark will live a very long live centuries maybe millenniums as he told Bathory they would watch over and protect the vampires from the shadows and hopefully they would return one day but he didn't know when that day would come.

Enhanced Strength: Lark has more strength than an average vampire and maybe even greater then a first generation demonstrated twice when he beat Giles a first generation ghost and Theresia Tepes a first generation vampire.

Its unknown how he gained this strength and if he gained it because he is a crimson eyes or from Tepes when he merged with him when he was still devoloping in his mothers womb it's still unknown.

Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: After Tepes gives Lark his Light ability Lark can move so fast that not even Giles a first generation ghost can see him. And when fighting Theresia Tepes and Louis he is able to doge the attacks easily multiple times. 

Enhanced Durability: Lark seems to have a very durable body shown when Nargel beat him severely which should have killed him but didn't and when Theresia kicked him so hard he fell unconscious only for a few seconds and then stomping his head in the ground before coming out unscathed with no scratches.

when Lark was born until he was fifteen Lark was thought to have a week fragile body like a humans but in later chapter it shown his body isn't fragile at all in fact it's durable enough to withstand first generation attacks it's unknown how this happened if it's becsuse he's a crimson eyes or if it's because Tepes merged with him when he was still developing in his mothers womb it hasn't been reveled yet.

Keen intellect: Lark may seem lazy and unaware of things but this could be an act as seen he seems very perceptive and analytic when it comes to is opponents and those around him, an example of this is shown when he was fighting Giles and he came up with a plane to defeat his hale. 

Visions: It is shown that Lark has visions of Vlad Tepes past, these visions seem to appear with out warning Lark having no control over them and what he sees. It is yet unknown why he has them and if he will continue to have them now that she has left his body and they are no longer merged together, it also appears he only has visions of Vlad Tepes no one else. 

Misfortune: Bathory states Lark and the other Crimson eyed humans were born with misfortune meaning they cause suffering, pain, and death to those around them. When Lark blames himself for everything bad that happened in 'The World' she says he didn't do anything wrong he was just born this way suggesting he does these things unconsciously.  

This misfortune Lark was born with could explain why everyone around Lark dies or leaves him not only do the people around him experience misfortune Lark in turn experiences it as well because of all the bad things around him he causes.  

The reason why Lark only uses Light based techniques has been reveled by Tepes who tells him that she who is the darkness and he is the light, and when she left his body she took her dark ability but she wasn't expecting to leave and didn't take it with her henceforth Tepes ability were split in half meaning  Lark can only use Tepes light ability.

Lark learned from Tepes that even though he was born from two human parents he was born with his own ability like vampires and Tepes recently awakened his ability when she patted his head. His ability has recently been revealed, he is able to manipulate and control the earth at will.


Sunlight: Lark seems to be weakened by the sunlight shown in the epilogue he and Bathony are seen wearing clokes to cover them form the sun.


Lark doing magic

Lark doing magic

Despite being human, Lark manages to do magic. He's able to do this thanks to an ancient magic book exclusively for humans, given to him by Angela and Bathory, and because of the way his body functions absorbing mana in order to live, in other words Lark has an infinite amount of mana. Until now, he has achieved to cast some low-level spells like "fireball", but he has found it hard to proceed to the next level. But, with hard personal work and the help of Seere, he manages to continue his practice and make some more progress.  

Recently it has been shown Lark can cast a magic spell well using his light ability he can cast a spell so fast it surprises and frightens Eoria.

Tepes reveled to Lark even though his parents were ordinary humans Lark was born different, his kind were born with bodies the same as Crepuscule, in which they are naturally absorbing mana all the time to live, which means as long as he has mana to absorb he will always have an infinite supply of mana and always be able to use magic .



Florian AlfenEdit


Larks biological mother.

Florian is Lark biological mother she died two weeks after Lark was born, the humans blamed her death on Lark but it was reveled her death was caused by Vlad Tepes when she merged herself with Florian's unborn fetus 'Lark' some of her power seeped into Florian's already weakened body causing her to have a seizure and die. Not much is known of her relationship with Lark but it is known that she loves him after a little encouragement from Tepes and a near death experience with the vampires from the outer world she changes her mind and wants to live instead of dying to live with her baby.

Richard AlfenEdit


Larks biological father.

Richard is Lark's biological father he died two months before Lark was born so he never got to know his child there for has no relationship it is duly noted Lark inherited his blond hair from him.


Ch.63-Angela and Lark

Larks adopted mother.

Lark stated he see's Angela as the embodiment of his mother Florian, and so Lark and Angela have a mother and son relationship. Lark considers Angela the closest person to him, not only because she is the one who raised him, but also because, until recently, she was the only one in the village they were living, who knew he was human. Although he sometimes behaves really immature and is mean to her, he wishes to make her proud and not fail at the expectations she has from him when it comes to school.

When he discovers that Angela is a first generation, meaning she will never die, he feels his world shaken and becomes depressed at the thought that Angela will forget everything about him after he dies. When Angela reassures him that this will never happen, he is relieved. But, when Angela suggests him to start calling her mother, he embarrassingly refuses, as it would feel awkward to use this term for the first time in his life.

The greatest example of their relationship is how deeply Angela's death hurts him. He then becomes focused on avenging her and fulfilling her wishes. Even though Angela was Larks adopted mother he treated her like an older sister never ones calling her mother, always *nuna*. 

Vlad TepesEdit


Lark's adopted mother.

Vlad Tepes is Lark's current guardian and the first person he's cried in front of upon coming to Crepuscule. She's also the first person that he feels comfortable talking about his past with and human side with, showing a level of trust and, to some extent, that he does like her. Lark initially felt threatened by Tepes when he met her. He couldn't solve the mystery of why she looked exactly like him and why she kept appearing before him. When he obtained the vampire's ability, Lark got even more scared of her although he more easily expressed his annoyance when she interfered. After Tepes revealed to Lark the connection they share, the boy blames her for his mother's death. But, even after this, he is unsure as to whether his feelings are positive or negative for her because he can't completely blame her; she tells him that if she had been alive, Florean would have never died - and he believes her. Since Tepes is protective of Lark and willingly gives Lark her powers, stepping back to quiet inside of him unless she feels like she has to speak up (which she is shown doing in later chapters, willingly conversing with him), Lark admits to himself that she might indeed be after his well-being and once he understands why she's there, he doesn't speak ill of her and respects her.

Lark is appreciative of her being there with him, understanding that he hasn't been alone all of his life after all. But of course, he did not feel that way towards her from the beginning. While he states that he felt like he was being scolded by his father in a conversation with her he doesn't seem to have strong enough feelings towards her to consider her a parental figure like he does with Angela. He's even been shown to get annoyed with her when she takes over his body without his permission, shown especially in the fight with Gilles de Rais. Tepes ends up pulling Lark into his subconscious once again during this fight to end the fight quicker, but when he tries to tell her that it's his fight she ends up giving him a nasty glare that he doesn't know what to do with, making it more evident that he doesn't like when she takes over his body. However, this is mostly because he's particularly sensitive of his own identity during this fight due to Gilles's earlier taunts about Tepes having the ability to take over his body completely.

Lark was once against Tepes's plan to destroy Crepuscule rightaway, at least until a cure is made to combat everyone's weakness to the sun. When she rejects his idea of leaving Crepuscule alone for the time being and saying that she'll borrow his body anyway to keep moving forward with her goals, he feels betrayed and angry by this. He's quick to forgive her though and they seem to plan to work together to fulfill each other's goals once they finally talked about it alone.

When Tepes goes to sleep again Lark focuses on fulfilling Tepes's wishes by destroying Crepuscule after a cure is made and finding and helping the surviving vampires from the outer world.

When Tepes is 'asleep' Lark seems worried, saying he had tried to call her many times and she hadn't answered. When Tepes awakens from her sleep Lark runs to her saying her name with a smile on his face-implying he missed her very much and is happy to see her.

When Lark is on vacation with his friends he reveals to Setz and Bethory that Lizy sacrificed herself to let Tepes live and Tepes is now inside Lizy's body. Still, the Light power which Tepes gave Lark, is intact. When fighting Eoria he uses Tepes's power, momentarily looking sad and put down. He wonders if Tepes was lonely with having such a powerful ability and wonders if she ever thought about abandoning it. It can be easily inferred that Lark started to care about Tepes's true feelings and emotions.

Nevertheless, it appears that Tepes has affected him in many aspects. An example of this is shown when his personality seems to have changed drastically. He seems to have become quite arrogant and he is not afraid to speak his mind even if it's rude, shown when he disrespected Eoria the Zombie, who was one of the council members. He also seems not to care about things he used to- he once stated to Setz he no longer cared about the student council when he fought with Eoria. This could be his way of dealing with his 'abandonment issues',brought on with so many people he cares about always leaving him or dying.

Lark, recently, seems to have grown very attached to Tepes. when they reunited, he was very happy she had come back but when Tepes said she was going to leave for awhile he became very distraught about this but didn't say anything, although when Tepes finally left he fell to his knees looking devastated.

Tepes reveals her true feeling about Lark to Navarus that Lark has been her son from the beginning even though they don't share blood. Lark also respects her feelings and he even seems to regard her as his true guardian, as when he fights Theresia in the route which connects the outside world and Crepuscule he tells Theresia Vlad totally differs from her(in the manner that Vlad Tepes is several times a person than Theresia is) and accuses Theresia for causing numerous lives to die just because of her greed, and then shouts, 'Do not even say Tepes's name!" - meaning that Theresia had no right even to mention her elder sister's name.



Ch.85-Lark and Setz

Larks childhood friend

Setz was Lark's first friend. The two boys were very close until Setz was forced to abandon Lark. Even after meeting, ten years later, Lark was still resentful of Setz for abandoning him and didn't care about him anymore. After he realizes that his happy life was all due to Setz, and sees that Setz appears to be miserable, he decides to make up with Setz and become friends again. They, then, start slowly getting closer to each other. But after Angela's death, their relationship sours a bit. Setz is shown to be unsettled by Lark's new personality.  

He knows, however, that Setz would follow him anywhere, so when Setz follows him to the Council he's happy.  He's happy despite the fact that the reason Setz followed him was to stop him, and he makes sure to do his best to keep Setz safe even as going as far as using his dark abilities to heal him.

Bathory SpitzenEdit

Lark Bathory1

Lark and Bathory the Vampire Guardians in the human world.

At first, Lark was scared of Bathory because she drank a little of his blood and she immediately understood he was human. He even doesn't try to hide his disapproval during their first meetings. Over time, thanks to her being Angela's niece and to her character, Lark overcomes his reservations towards the girl and they develop a very close relationship. Bathory even advises Lark about his relationship with Setz and Angela. Lark ends up asking Bathory for any information that he needs. Because of their close relationship, Bathory is the second person Lark has cried in front of (with Tepes being the first). He confides in her and tells her how he honestly feels about things just as she'd told him to before, something he doesn't do with anyone but Tepes.

When Tepes attempts to manipulate and tempt him, Bathory speaks up, calling out to Lark that he indeed had family - which was her. Lark accepted it and turned down Tepes' offer.

It's been revealed that Bathory is in fact an alter ego of Carmilla Erzsebet, abandoned by Carmilla because she did not want her existence.

In the epilogue the are both seen in the human world a distance away from the other vampires wearing hood cloaks to protect the from the sun. Discussing the duty as Guardians of the vampires the job is to watch over and protect the vampires from a distance Lark tells Bathory someday they will probably be able to return and hug and embrace everyone but not even he knows when that day will come Lark rejects Bathory's request to go back. they take each others hand and disappear.

Seere KleinEdit

Ch.45-Lark and Seere at the history exam

Lark friend.

When Lark arrived at Arzew, he was attracted to her beauty. Seere became Lark's first friend at the Academy. Due to Seere's kind nature, Lark felt comfortable enough to stay at his new school. She is, now, his best friend in Arzew. He mostly shares with her his thoughts about Setz.

In the resent raw like Sia she finds out Lark is a crimson eyed human but unlike Sia who doesn't care and continues to be his friend Seerre becomes afraid and runs away. It would be revealed later that Seere was brainwashed by Theresia Tepes and that's why she ran away after the brainwashing was undone she seemed fine of what Lark was and they seem to be on good terms.
Ch.62-Lark.Sia at their room

Larks friend.

Lark first met Sia Kul when he entered his new dorm room. There, he found an empty room along with Sia, who admits that he had made a mistake and asked the portal for a room (without including furniture in the request), causing Lark to have a poor first impression on Sia, coupled with the fact that Sia couldn't speak in full sentences.

However, Lark manages to put aside all of it and offers to be Sia's friend.

In recent chapters he and Sia has joined the student council. He has learned that Lark is a human but like all the other children born in Crepuscule he doesn't know what a human is and doesn't seem to care. After finding out he goes on treating Lark as he did before as friends.

Carne GreyfellEdit



Lark sees Carne as a kind and very beautiful girl. When he learns that Setz is Carne's fiance, he feels envious of him. When she dies, he's the one who finally comforts Setz and helps him get over Carne's death.



Nergal Larks friend.

Lark immediately felt a warm feeling for Nergal, the first time he met him in person, although he didn't know yet that this man was the baby fox he used to play with. When he discovered it, he felt the urge to get in the middle of Nergal's battle with Navarus, to protect him; eventually, this is exactly what he did. Although he knows that the noble captured and tortured Bathory, Lark still has the feeling that Nergal is a good person. But, after Nergal attacks him, Lark is terrified of Nergal's real character.

He is now aware that Nergal loves him, although what he thinks about this is currently unknown. He seems to respond to Nergal fine after waking up. Lark is not aware that Nergal is dead and his death was caused by Theresia.

Carmilla ErzebetEdit

Lark Carmilla

Larks adopted aunt.

As Lark is the adopted son of Angela, Carmilla's younger sister, Lark is Carmilla's adopted nephew. ]Lark respects Carmilla's words and even seems to like her on some varying level. Lark first met her at his home at the Nergal region were she asked him if he was okay with him going to school. Lark thought this to be a hallucination and brushed it off.

The next time Lark sees Carmilla is when he's attacked by Neal and is sleeping in the nurse's office. He is shown his memories of both worlds and Carmilla says that he is special, and that because of that he will always be lonely. She gives him a choice between staying in Crepuscule and leaving, and he chooses to stay.

When Lark learns that Angela is a first generation and won't age or die, he starts avoiding her so Carmilla appears again and with tears in her eyes asks him not to make Angela sad. When Carne goes on a rampage, Carmilla appears yet again and warns Lark to be careful around his friend; however, this time Lark sees Tepes in his form, which enables Lark to remember everything when he wakes up.

After Angela's death, Lark asks Carmilla if Angela is dead and she says yes, telling him that that Angela is gone and that she can't come back. While crying, Lark asks who she is and to tell him who killed Angela. Carmilla tells him her name and that she has been watching over the world by dreaming, but says she can't tell him anything else because his anger is too dark.

Lark tells her to bring her back in a dream, but she is killed by his doppelganger who informs him that not even Carmilla can bring back the dead.

The next time she appears is to ask him to stop Tepes, something only he seems to be able to do either because Tepes cares about him or because the body Tepes is using is Lark's, and Lark calls Carmilla irresponsible when she disappears without telling him what Tepes is going to try and do.

Carmilla has not yet physically appear to Lark sense she asked him to help Tepes but she appears to be keeping her promise to Tepes to protect Lark shown in the raws she is using her necklace to create a barrier to protect Lark.

It has been revealed that the Carmilla in Lark's subconsciousness is Carmilla's soul.

Lizy EllonEdit

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Lark friend.

Lizy and Lark were both born in the outer world. When Lark's mother was still pregnant with him Lizy protected her from Priscilla and the other vampires living in the outer world on Tepes orders therefore protecting an unborn Lark.

Lark and Lizy meet for the first time 15 years later in the human world they appear to have a brother and sister type relationship, they fight and argue, Lark seems to care for Lizy and seems saddened when she finds out the truth about Tepes.

Even thought Lizy is older then Lark, Lark acts like the big brother shown when he protected her from the pureblooded first generation zombie Louie.

He is seen rescuing Lizy and taking her back to his hometown Nargel in Crepuscule were he asks his friends to watch over her. Well on vacation Lark reveals to Setz and Bathory that Lizy sacrificed herself so Tepes could life on and continue watching over and protecting him, before Lizy dies she uses her ability for the last time and Tepes is able to leave Lark's body and is now in complete control of Lizy's body.



Ch.32-Neal after the declaration ceremony


Lark first met Neal on the declaration ceremony. He had tried to chase what he thought was Angela through the hall and eavesdropped on the council. Neal had discovered him and thrown a dagger his way before stabbing Lark in the stomach.

Neal is the person that currently Lark detests the most. It is the only person for which he has strong negative feelings. He is scared of him, since Neal attacked him and doesn't want him around. His hatred and anger for Neal grew even bigger when the boy refuses to apologize to him for hurting him.

Gilles de RaisEdit

Ch.83-Gilles with the whip

Gilles De Reis

Lark does not like Gilles because he was the cause of Angela's death because of the is he destroyed the elder council to get his revenge. Lark also hates him because of Gilles rudeness and arrogance.

It appears Lark is also jealous of Gilles shown when Tepes was talking about him he remembers a conversation he had whith Giles about Lark not letting Gilles see him and Lark thinks to himself that now that Tepes is in a new body this is good for him. This could be because Lark thinks of Tepes as a parent and his only family and he doesn't want Tepes taken away from him.

As of now Lark does not know Giles is dead but it is assumed his death would not effect Lark at all, sense he hated him from the beginning.

Theresia TepesEdit

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Larks adopted aunt.

Even though Lark is very close and sees Theresia's older sister Vlad Tepes as family he does not share these feeling with Theresia at all he despises her for killing off the vampires in the outer world for her own benefit and brainwashing Seere and kidnapping Setz just to get to him.

Lark meets Theresia for the first through Vlad Tepes dreams, were she is sarcastically telling her 'elder brother to stop torturing Giles or he'll die. Lark later hears that Theresia is alive and finds out what she's doing from Lizzie. He is then told by Vlad Tepes that she has known about her sisters activities for awhile and she tells him about her violent and unstable personality.

Lark first meets Theresia in the passage way were he tells her to fix Seere when Theresia says she can't he loses his temper completely and attacks her multiple times, using a new technique light arrow, inflicting a great amount of damage to her. When Theresia asks if Lark had ever met her 'brother before he does not answer, but when she asks if Tepes is alive Lark replies by saying 'he is alive.'

Lark asks her what her purpose is and tells her because of her everyone is suffering, Seere and Lizzie. Later after listening to her rant on her tells her she hasn't changed at all and to shut her mouth well attacking her again. when Teresia tells him he inherited her 'older brothers' power he left behind Lark just says "so what" implying he had no interest in telling her anything about his connection to Tepes.

When addressing Theresia Lark calls her Tepes just like he dose to her sister but unlike his sister who he speaks with kindness and respect who he calls out of familiarity Lark speaks to Theresia with hatred and disgust. Well there discussing Vlad Tepes he said he didn't care who Theresia was well attacking her with his new light technique Light Arrows,

Because Vlad Tepes is Larks adopted mother this would mean Theresia is Larks nephe and she is his aunt even though they there always fighting and never get along.


  • It is possible that Lark has the unique innate ability to house dying souls as he housed Tepes's soul who was on the verge of death for 15 years until she moved to Lizy's body, and Carmilla who was supposed to be dead. This however has not yet been verified.
  • It is revealed in chapter 158 by Tepes that Lark did not inherit his red eyes from her, and he instead was born naturally with them. As his mother had brown eyes and father had blue eyes, it is hinted that he got them from someone or something else. It is currently unclear from who or where he got them from.
  • In Chapter 124 Lark tells Navarus that he is a descendant of one of Tepes's surviving clan members (Tepes inside him) making him an honorary clan member and part of Tepes's Faction.
  • In chapter 166 Bathory does research on Lark's origins and states that humans can't have red eyes. It was part of the agreement 'humans and vampires breeding' but she wanders if there could have been an exception, hinting that Lark could be a vampire-human hybrid.
  • In the latest raw chapters while Tepes is asleep in Lark's body it appears that Lark is attempting to fulfill Tepes's wish when he ran into Liz in the human world and seems to be helping her.
  • Lizy wishes for Tepes to continue to live to watch over and protect Lark so she uses her ability one last time to move Tepes from Lark's body to hers and passes away. Now Lizy herself is gone and Tepes has complete control of her body.
  • Lark's name means something done for fun, especially something mischievous or daring; an amusing adventure or escapade. Which coincides with his personality.
  • Eoria addresses Lark as 'young master' and 'descendant of Tepes' while speaking to him.
  • In chapter 184 Lizy reveals to Lark that Theresia has the tattoos that her elder sister has and at one time Lark had, given how Lark inherited the tattoos along with his power from Tepes, This could be a hereditary thing that only runs in the family. As Bathory said that the tattoos are proof after Lizy said that Lark was a descendant of Tepes (though this is not true many characters believe this- Sai, Navarus, Lizy, Eoria.)
  • In Chapter 186 Lark tells Bathory that he can use his dark ability to heal Setz however this is just a guess as Bathory stopped him before he was able to use it.
  • It is still unknown how Lark has Tepes's ability but it is assumed that he learned all of his light and dark abilities on pure instinct because Tepes didn't teach him anything and he learned two more light techniques as well when Tepes was no longer in his body.
  • In resent chapters Lark can use his magic and his light ability at the same time creating a red magic circle and then summoning light spheres that turn into light beams, Lark can control these spheres with his will or his hands as he can do with the other light techniques he has. When Eoria sees the combination of Lark's casting time and his magic and light together it literally terrifies her.
  • Tepes reveals to Lark that Crimson Eyed Humans are descendants of the rare few humans who broke the contract the vampires made and somehow managed to keep their magic. They are special humans born with magical powers- red being the symbol of magic, their possession of mana is why they have red eyes like the vampires, unlike normal humans who were born with none therefore they are called 'violators of the contract' who hid and shouldn't exist.
  • Lark has a unique ability to sense others presence around him on two incidents he did not sense them when Vlad Tepes was watching Lark from the shadows this could because of there connection and Tepes didn't want him to and when Seere was watch Lark and Tepes conversing this could be because she was being brainwashed by Theresia.
  • Tepes later tells Lark that even though Crimson Eyed Humans are born from ordinary humans they are not humans due to the fact that they are not born with human bodies and they are not vampires even though they are born with red eyes, mana' and their own unique abilities. They are their own separate race.
  • Tepes told Lark only he has the power to bring carmilla back into the world this later was reveled to be true, therefore many people are after him including Navarus and Theresia.
  • In the latest raw Tepes told Navarus Lark was her child all along I put adoptive father because Angela is Larks adoptive mother and Tepes is more of a father figure.
  • In the lastest raws it appears Lark is jealous of Gilles shown when Tepes talked about him Lark remembers a conversation they had about Lark not letting Gilles see Tepes and Lark thinks to himself that now that Tepes is in a new body it will be better for him. This could be because Lark thinks of Tepes as a parent and his only family and he doesn't want Tepes taken away from him.
  • when it comes to personality Lark seems to taken after Florian his biological mother and Vlad Tepes his adoptive mother who has been watching over him sense before he was born, ironically he has no traits of Angela who raised him physically for 10 years before she died.
  • Lark's ability is Earth minipulation, controling and creating the earth at will.
  • Recently it's been revealed Thereisa's darkness ability doesn't belong to her Tepes gave her a small portion of her power to fix her face, the reason Lark got Theresia confused with Tepes is because he sensed Tepes darkness as Lark is the Light and 'Light' and 'darkness' can sense each other.
  • Lark once mentioned he thought he gained enlightenment and this is how he knew were Sylvia was but it was later reveled to be false and in fact he has a unique sensing technique connected to his 'Light' abilities.
  • Bathory says Lark and the others of his kind were born with 'Misfortune' meaning everyone that (they) Lark comes in contact with will suffer in some way or die. So far this is true examples his mother died after giving birth to him, Setz lost Carnie, Carnie died, Lizzie died, Nargel died, Angela died, Bathory said it's not there fault there just born this way.
  • In the epiouloge Lark alongside a now living Bathory becomes the Vampire Guardians in the human world meaning they watch over the vampires and protect them from a distance (in the shadows) Lark says a day may come were they can return and hug and embrace everyone but not even he knows when that will be. they take each others hands and disappear.