Elize Trenkel Navarus
Name Elize Trenkel Navarus
Hangul 엘리제 트란켈 나바루스
Race Mutant Vampire
Age First Generation
Gender Female
Height 173cm
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Navarus Family
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Ratatusk Trenkel Navarus (Husband)

Sekreuz Trenkel Navarus (Son)

First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Chapter 46

Elize Trenkel Navarus was a pureblood vampire. She was Navarus' wife and the mother of Setz.

Character InformationEdit

Appearance Edit

Elize had very long, curly hair and bangs. She used to dress elegantly and wear a white fur around her arms, with a big medallion pinched on it.


Elize appears to have been a decent and warm person, but almost nothing is known about her. The sure thing is that she was happy to be beside Navaru's side.


Navarus elize

Navarus protecting Elize in the human world.

Elize and Navarus

Elize and Navarus, while still in the human world

Elize joined the
Navarus family when she married Ratatusk Trenkel Navarus. She met Sylvia some time later. Hundreds of years ago, she joined the new world, Crepuscule, with her husband. But, sooner or later, she wished, together with Navarus, to destroy this world.

At some point, she conceived a child. Before the baby was born, Elize passed away. Even though she was dead for around 500 years, her corpse didn't rot and the baby in her womb was still alive. She stayed like that for all those years, with roses around her, at the Navarus mansion. Bathory spent with her the last hundred years, watching over her body. When Setz was finally born, Elize's corpse quickly decayed to bones.

Plot OverviewEdit

Elize's corpse

Elize's corpse after Setz's birth

Elize's dead body is until now kept at the Navarus mansion. When Setz is at elementary school, Navarus shows to him the corpse of his mother and reveals to him the nature of his birth.