Name El
Race Werewolf Vampire
Gender Male
Eyes Red
Hair Red
Unusual Features Werewolf Ears
Professional Status
Affiliation Arzew Academy
Occupation Head of Security
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Chapter 25

El is a werewolf vampire. He is the head of security at Arzew Academy.

Character informationEdit


El wears a suit and tie, something that matches his position as head of security. A small clumb of hair is flying over his head.

Plot OverviewEdit

Part IEdit

El watches the declaration ceremony of Carne's student council sitting next to Olivier, while having the security situation reported to him through an earpiece.

Part IIEdit

A while after Angela's disappearance, Olivier calls the Arzew staff and, so, El is informed about the incident and about Angela's background


Olivier OsternEdit

El appears to be close friends with Olivier. Olivier seems to have the tendancy to tease him.