Chocolat Miel
Name Chocolat Miel
Hangul 쇼콜라 미엘
Race Pureblood Vampire
Birthday August 8th
Age First Generation
Gender Male
Height 148cm
Eyes Red
Hair Blonde
Professional Status
Affiliation The Council
Occupation Member of the Council
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Millefeuille Miel (Twin Sister)
First Appearance
Webtoon Debut Chapter 64

Chocolat Miel is a first generation pureblood vampire. Along with his twin sister Millefeuille Miel and Gilles de Rais, they are the three most powerfull members of the Council.

Character informationEdit


Although he is already some hundreds years old, Chocolat has the appearance of a child in his early teens.


Despite his age, Chocolat's childish behaviour suits his appearance of a young teenager. But, at the same time, just like Gilles de Rais and Millefeuille, he is considered ruthless and merciless when it comes to keeping order in the world. Out of the three, Chocolat seems to be more serious and reasonable, and rarely shows his laughter and excitement. He never shows any particular enjoyment at the others' actions. 


Chocolat was one of Carmilla's followers that supported her plan for the creation of Crepuscule. He was raised, along with his sister, by Carmilla and Nergal in the human world.

In Crepuscule, Chocolat is one of the three most powerful members of the Council that rules the world. Him and the other two are the ones that those summoned at the Council get to meet. While on the Council, the Miel twins show no mercy to traitors.

Plot OverviewEdit

When Sylvia comes in the Council to give the report about Nergal's attack in Arzew, along with the Forest of Night's situation, Chocolat, Millefeuille and Gilles de Rais reveal to her that they know everything about the research Angela is conducting. They make it clear that if Angela stays by Navarus's side, he will be send to the heretic trial. After Sylvia has left, Gilles announces Chocolat and Millefeuille that their main goal for the moment is to eliminate Angela using Sylvia. By doing this, they will manage to restrain Navarus as well.

Two days after Carne's rampage at Arzew, Angela and Navarus are called to appear before the Council. When they arrive, they find Chocolat, Millefeuille and Gilles there. Gilles greets Angela, while Chocolat is standing right of him with a frowning look on his face. Gilles mocks Angela for believing that he wouldn't know where she is. He tells her that he has known her whereabouts ever since she woke up, while Chocolat and his sister are giggling and calling Angela stupid and an idiot. Navarus then intervenes and demands to know why they were summoned. Gilles explains that the reason is Carne's rampage. Angela starts yelling that she knows nothing about this rampage. Millefeuille mocks Angela for feigning ignorance and Chocolat repeats his sister's words. Gilles, then, reveals that the Council has an informant inside Arzew, who has witnessed exactly what happened that night. At that very moment, Laura James appears before them. Interrupting Navarus, who calls Laura a dog of the Council, Gilles proposes to start the questioning of Angela and Navarus, but, immediately, suuggests calling it an interrogation rather than a questioning. Millefeuille says that she is hoping for their cooperation and, with an expressionless face, Chocolat, once again, repeats her words.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Chocolat and his twin's abilities are more powerful than anyone else's in the Council.

Chocolat has the nature ability of wind. By contoling wind he can fly.


  • He and his sister are named after sweets. He is named after Chocolate.
  • His weakness is his twin sister, Millefeuille Miel.
  • Both Chocolat, and Millefeuille Miel's biological parents died in a fire.
  • It is revealed in chapter 140 that Chocolat learned of Tepes darkness ability from Gilles when they were kids and Lark told Chocolat that he came from the outer world and he has Tepes ability (Chocolat figured the rest out)
  • In resent chapters Chocolat learns that Lark is a human, unlike his twin sister who condesndingly tells him to be quiet and he might not get hurt Chocolat is calm and shows no hostility to Lark, even though it was humans that supposedly killed is biologal parents this could because Lark is just a child.

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