The following is a list of Crepuscule chapters:

The PrologueEdit


World ArcEdit

Part 1Edit

In My End is My Beginning ArcEdit

School ArcEdit

Friends ArcEdit

Omen ArcEdit

First Dream ArcEdit

Declaration Ceremony ArcEdit

Turning Point ArcEdit

Magic ArcEdit

Dream and Reality ArcEdit

Remnant ArcEdit

Mother ArcEdit

Parasitism ArcEdit

Repeat ArcEdit

Epilogue of Part 1Edit

Part 2Edit


Greetings ArcEdit

Haze ArcEdit

Opening ArcEdit

Power ArcEdit

Elegy Flower ArcEdit

 Blindfold Arc Edit

Queenie Arc Edit

A Thousand Tree Leaves Arc Edit

Encounter Arc Edit

Beliefs Arc Edit

Epilogue Part 1 Edit

Epilogue Part 2 Edit

Part 3 Edit


Wave Arc Edit

Student Council Arc Edit

Experiment Arc Edit

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