At the Directors Office, Olivier Ostern asked Navarus to grant permission to allow the ability ceremony to all the 1st years, to prevent anymore unnecessary student deaths to which he grants it. He tell's him to take care of it while he excuses himself and that he need to leave, Olivier was surprised about it. Navarus tell's him he has business in his mansion while thinking about Sylvia and Neal that they have hidden something from him.

At the place where Angela has gone missing, Nergal tells Riu to stop his carriage, when he sees Bathory while calling her "trash" to which she is terrified by Nergal's presence. He leaves his carriage telling her that she dosen't need to worry because he has no intention to capture her. Bathory tell's him that Angela had disappeared from this place a week ago, which surprise him.

In Lark's dream, he asks the faceless woman if Angela was dead to which she answered "Yes" and she will no longer return. Lark becames sorrowful, and enraged telling her how she kwow that and who she was, then he tell's her that it doesn't matter anymore while demanding the name of Angela's murderer. She tell's him as of know he noticed that she might be dead, she introduces herself to him as the elder sister of Angela, and she was the creator of Crepuscule, Carmilla. She tell's him that she's been watching over the world by dreaming. Lark asks her if that means she knows everything and once again demands the name of Angela's murderer, then she replies she can't while Lark outburst saying to her "why", then she reasons to him that his sadness was too deep and dark while offering help to Lark to not overcome by his sadness and anger, then he rejects her offer.

He tell's her that he only needed the name of Angela's murderer, then he continues to say that if she can't tell him who the murder is, then he demands to save Angela, while kneeling down on the grass while telling her that she can make dreams into reality and demands a dream where Angela is alive, then suddenly Carmilla is stabbed from the back. A voiced telling him, "if he wants help" to which Lark was surprised by this, and he remember her in his hallucination (It's Dream). A doppelganger of Lark with the exception of hair (Red) and tattoos on his face and neck has appeared while saying to him that even Carmilla can't bring back the dead, then she tell him that she can help him with revenge to which she offers her power to him. Lark asks her, who she is while chuckling she introduces herself as Vlad Tepes, One of the Two who ruled the vampires before the creation of Crepuscule.


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