Sylvia is
Ch.87-Angela attacked in the carriage
standing on a tree, thinking of the first time she met Navarus, hundreds of years ago. From that very moment, she decided to follow him forever, as his faithful servant. She concludes that, after all this, she can't allow anyone to treat Navarus like the Council does. She quickly takes out a dagger and throws it towards the ground, where the carriage with Angela in it, passes. It stabs the driver in the forehead. Immediately, he loses control of the carriage. Angela sets herself on alert and wonders why the carriage is moving uncontrollaby. The driver finally falls from the carriage, dead. The horses roughen and the carriage skids and finally crashes from the left side, on the ground. Sylvia has been watching all this commotion from her position.

Ch.87-Lark thinking of Setz
Meanwhile, Lark, who has passed his day exercising magic with Seere in the Arzew coutyard and eating with Bathory, is now working in the student council room. He suddenly realises that he has taken the initiative to talk to Setz, only because Angela promised to give him the magic book for humans, if he made up his relationship with the boy. He feels bad at the thought that he has been using Setz for his own intentions, without truly caring about him. He thinks that maybe he should apologize to Setz, who knows nothing about it. He then remembers that Bathory had told him that Setz has lead a difficult life and he wonders whether the girl knows about Setz's unnatural birth, since, after all, she has lived for so long. Thinking about Bathory's age and of how for 500 years, Setz has been in his mother's womb, leads him to think how different a vampire's life span is from a human's. He dismisses these thoughts as useless and concoles himself with the thought that, at least, Angela, being immortal, won't leave him first. 

Ch.87-Sylvia Vs Angela
Angela is lying on the ground, under the carriage, with her head facing earth. She is thinking that she can't feel anyone around, so maybe her prosecutors have left. She wonders whether Gilles de Rais is behind this attack. She, finally tries to stand up, but her legs are trapped under the carriage. As soon as she thinks that she has to find a way to make a quick escape, she sees Sylvia standing in front of her. Startled, she asks her how she ended up there and urges her to help her set her legs free. But, Sylvia is just standing there, not moving. Angela looks at her troubled and calls her name twice reluctantly. Suddenly, the carriage is split in two, with a large blast.
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