Chapter 82:
Ch.82-Lark on the bench
Part II starts a week after Angela left for the Council. As Lark is sitting on a bench at the Arzew courtyard, he thinks over the letter he has sent to Angela. At it, Lark describes the atmosphere at the school as being heavy after Carne's rampage, yet he says that things are slowly returning back to normal. Lark also mentions how he is concerned for Setz, whom he hasn't been able to meet till now. He looked at him only from afar and the boy seemed like his usual self, but Lark claims he is sure that was only an act. 

Before Lark can finish recollecting the contents of his letter, Bathory calls for him, while approaching. Lark gets up to meet her.  Bathory grabs Lark from the arm and encourages him to eat lunch with her. Lark responds by asking Bathory if she has no friends to eat with. This causes Bathory to call Lark a '"brat" who is rejecting her "generosity". She goes on to say that she just pities Lark for having to eat lunch alone now that Seere, who usually ate lunch with him, is busy doing work in the nurse's office. After seeing Bathory's upbeat attitude, Lark asks, "Aren't you even worried about Angela?" Bathory explains that she is worried, but she also knows that Angela will be okay, because the Council can't touch her. Lark then questions her about how she can be so confident about it. Bathory smiles and says, "I told you I know everything."

Lark then remembers the last part of his letter, in which he encourages Angela to return quickly, so that they can have fun together with Bathory, Setz and everyone. In the end, he adds that there is something he needs to tell her, which might be important.

Ch.82-Millefeuille disposing the letter
Meanwhile at the Council, Chocolat sees Millefeuille opening Lark's letter. Millefeuille mocks the fact that someone had the nerves to send Angela a letter. While reading it, she comments about how much she hates the fact that Angela is loved.  She then angerly rips the letter and throws the pieces away. Millefeuille and Chocolat then go to see Angela, who is on the floor with her hands restrained by vines created with Millefeuille's ability.
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