Chapter 79: As everything is trembling, Olivier, Laura and Muscle panic that the magic circle is breaking. Large pieces of it fall around them. Muscle screams to Oliver. Oliver has a look of agony on his face and yells, "No..!!".


Angela looking at the item

Meanwhile, Angela is running down an Arzew hallway, when she is called by Buzzi. The professor puts something in Angela's hands. He tells her that because his age makes it difficult for him to run, he wants her to deliver an item that Olivier asked for. Angela looks at what she was given with amazement.


The teachers

Olivier starts to cough blood as the magical power starts to flow backwards. Muscle runs to his side. Olivier screams that the situation is dangerous, exactly before a loud blast is heard asthe fireball in the sky is getting bigger.


The girls watching the rampage

Seere, Ren, and Ersha are still standing a little away from the scene.  Seeren loudly complains for the heat. She asks Seere what is happening, but Seere's reply is "No... Just a little... Just a little more...".

Inside the fireball, Carne cries that she is in such pain that she wants everything, including herself, to disappear. She is thinking of destroying everything. She then notices that Setz is screaming her name, while running towards her.

Chapter 79

Setz taking responsibility for Carne's rampage

Setz reaches the place where Lark and the other students are. Lark yells his name and Setz notices them. He is surprised to see them standing there but tells them, "Back off, it's dangerous". With a determined expression on his face, he says, "I'll save Carne." Bathory calls Setz an idiot for thinking he can do that and yells, "You back off". Setz replies that he still has to save her. He starts saying, "Because of me...", but he cuts his phrase and starts running towards Carne. Bathory yells at him. Neal then arrives and tells Bathory to let Setz go, since he claims that he will solve the situation. With his eyes fixed on Carne, he says, "Who knows? We might get to see something good." From the moment Neal arrives, Ersha is looking at him wide-eyed.


Carne ending her rampage

In the fireball, Carne is still crying, thinking that Setz is going to try to save her. She thinks back to her and Setz happily playing as children, a while after they first met. She then realizes that, although she wished that Setz loved her back, she accepts she was still precious to him, otherwise he wouldn't try to save her. Cracks appear in the fireball, while Carne continues to think that the chances of of her being loved by the ones she wanted are slim. But, still, although her mother and Setz wanted different things from the ones Carne wanted, they still considered her precious to them, like she did. Carne then realizes that it's already to late and starts screaming, "NO!" as the flames around her disappear, the magic circle breaks and she starts falling to the ground. Setz runs in and catches her on time.

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