Chapter 5:
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Lark calls Angela "Ajunma"

Angela asks Lark if if he is from the "other side". Lark is confused by her question, so she changes her words to "another world". She then starts to comment on how the boy's blood smells delicious. Lark becomes afraid of her and begs, "Please don't eat me! I don't taste good, Ajunma!" Angela is shocked at being called an "Ajunma" and spanks Lark for calling her old.

After she has finished beating Lark and had him explain how he has come to this world, Angela starts to complain about how reckless Setz was for bringing Lark from the other side.
Ch.5-Angela teaches Lark about the barrier

Angela explaining to Lark about the barrier

She then tells Lark to stop crying, claiming she was only joking about the blood part. Lark looks at her, not convinced, thinking that he has felt some truth in her voice. Angela then begins to explain that Crepuscule is a different world from where Lark is from. Meanwhile, as she is explaing to the boy that there are certain circumstances that prevent Setz from taking him home with him, Setz is worrying about Lark, while riding back home in a carriage. Angela says to Lark that he has to go back to where he came from. While Lark feels like he is being abandoned again, Angela notices that Lark's eyes are red-- a trait that should be impossible for humans to have, due to the contract monsters had with humans since the beginning of time. While thinking what could be the case with Lark's eyes, she offers the boy the chance to stay with her if he doesn't wish to go back to his world. Lark declines, even though he doesn't want to go back, saying he would just be a bother to everyone, since Setz has left. Angela asks Lark if he was bullied in his hometown, and Lark explains that he was called a "monster" because his eyes were red. Angela throws some clothes to Lark, and tells him that they are going to see the village and, afterwards, Lark can decide if he wants to go back or not. As Angela opens the door to leave, Lark yells at her back, "Wai...wait!?".

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Angela taking Lark to the village

After waiting for Angela to get dressed up, Lark and Angela start heading for the village, when they are called by the local kids. Angela goes up to the children and asks them how they are. A blushing little girl pulls on the bandana of her older brother, which gets the young boy to ask Angela who Lark is. Angela makes the introduction and asks the kids to be friends with Lark. Because of his past experiences, Lark instinctively feels like the children are going to throw rocks at him. Instead, the children invite Lark to play with them. Lark is surprised by this and realizes that people here will accept him because everyone in this world has red eyes.

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