Bathory remember his past , telling herself that she abandoned by her mother because something much more important than her own family , she will never forgive her mother for doing that then she remember the last member of her family her Aunt and she don't know where Angela was and she start to searching about Angela all her life then she finally meet her after hundreds of years. Angela holding the magic book for human ask Lark about Setz , Lark told her why she mention Setz again then Angela outburst saying to him , ask Setz why he never comeback to meet him again and why his personality changed so much , Lark tell that it's doesnt matter anymore and he want now is magic so that he can't feel his alien in Crepuscule , Angela ask him if she was willing to do what she has to say to which Lark happily agrees , Angela tell Lark to trust her to help him Setz became his friend again then she finally give to him the magic book for human to lark , Lark agree to her. Lark is leaving the nurse office , when Angela remember Bathory and remind Lark to not hate Bathory because the book he was holding is from Bathory. Bathory enter the student council room , she noticed by Setz and Sai Kul , Sai Kul approach her asking her where's Carne , Bathory tell Setz and Sai Kul that she went in Angela , she tell Setz to not look her suspicious then she tell Setz and Sai Kul to call her NUNA much to Setz and Sai Kul's surprise. Setz is relieve that Bathory came back to her normal self , Bathory happily thinking about Angela , she finally meet her after hundreds of years searching to her calling it MAGIC.

Lark finally learn a FIREBALL MAGIC to which he is very happy to his accomplishment.
Neal with Magic Circle in his stomach telling Navarus to let him out to which Navarus told him to Shut UP!


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Ch.41: Magic (7) Ch.43: Dream and Reality (1)

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