Setz asking his father about The Council giving him warning , he deduce that it's because of Carne's uncontrollable power during the declaration ceremony, Navarus told him it might be one of the reason but he deduce that those warning are aiming both him and Angela , he told Setz that maybe the member of The Council saw Angela at the declaration ceremony or there's a person tipping about angela. Nergal congratulate Riu about the task he accomplish , telling him they will observe navarus next move , he told Riu to not harass a girl like Carne because it remind him of his past torturing Bathory. Lark walking to school , telling himself that the weather is nice then he thinking about angela that she solved the problem about Bathory because there nothing wrong happening until now , suddenly Seere , Seeren and Ersha appeared , Lark greets them then he noticed Ersha told her that he heard the news about her were gone and greets her she comeback , Ersha in bad mood not pay much attention to what Lark said to her , she continue to walk along with Seeren much to Lark embarassment , Seere tell him that Ersha is in bad mood since she came back because she failed again finding his brother then told Lark that the class is going to start they must hurry to school to which Lark agrees to her while thinking about there next subject is magic. Angela remember Bathory said to her that it's good idea to hide in Arzew because Navarus will protect him , She told herself that she didn't come at Arzew because of that then a flashback , angela in her house busy in researching when she noticed something and go outside of her house , she saw a child Lark in the ground in front of her house , she though to herself that she was corcern to him and Setz will come to pick him up , the time passes together with Lark , Angela's relationship became deep she treat Lark like her own son . Angela thinking that she came in Arzew because of Lark , She will leave Arzew if Lark is going to graduate in Arzew then she leans in her desk thinking about all of the problem in Setz , Navarus and Gilles de Rais , she calm herself and think positive.

In the Arzew , Seere cheering up Lark to not be frustrated that he can't used magic while Lark thinking to himself if he has not have talent in using a Magic or because his a human.


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