Chapter 26:

Lark sees Angela

Lark, Sia, Ren, Seere, and many other Arzew students are heading towards the assembly hall to attend the declaration ceremony. Suddenly, Lark takes a glimpse of a woman turning at a corner and dissapearing, a few meters away. Thinking that this woman must be Angela, Lark quickly leaves the others behind and runs towards the direction he thinks Angela went. After running through the hallways, Lark finds himself lost. He starts to wonder if he really saw Angela or someone else who wears a similar gown to Angela's.

Ch.26-Setz and Carne

Carne complaining about being the president

Lark becomes excited when he finally sees two students. However, his mood quickly sinks after he is flooded with unpleasant memories, when hearing Carne address the other student as "Setz". Lark fastly hides around the corner and starts to eavesdrop on the two students' conversation.

Carne is telling Setz how she doesn't understand why Navarus picked her to be the student council president instead of him. After this, Setz asks the girl if what she means is that she can't do her job as president. As Setz and Carne are speaking, Neal arrives and, after seeing in what situation Carne is, asks the girl, "What's the matter this time?". Setz tells Neal to mind his own business. Neal retorts by telling Setz to go to his father and ask him to make Neal leave him alone. Ignoring Neal's comment, Setz leaves.

Still eavesdropping, Lark is thinking how cold Setz's voice was and assumes that the student in the hallway is a different Setz than the cheerful one he befriended as a child. After Setz has left, Lark finds himself unable to approach the other students since Carne has started crying, while an uncomfortable Neal is standing there not knowing what to do with her. Lark sees Neal and thinks he looks like a girl wearing a boy's uniform.

Neal's knife missing Lark by inches

As he begins to leave, Neal takes notice of Lark's presence and instinctively throws a knife towards his direction. The knife bearly misses Lark's head and plants itself in the wall. Carne and Lark are shocked by Neal's knife throwing, while Neal acts nonchalantly about nearly killing Lark. He, then, tells Lark that he should feel lucky he isn't dead.

Ch.25: Omen (1)Ch.27: Omen (3)

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