Chapter 12:
Ch.11-Lark ready to leave

Lark ready to depart

Angela is biding farewell to Avi and Lark who are preparing to go to the Navarus region. Angela tells Avi that she trusts him to get Lark there. Avi's eyes shine when he responds that he will do anything Angela asks of him. When Lark calls him pathetic for that, Avi critisizes him for complaining although he's going to an "awesome school". Lark tells him to shut up because he doesn't know the situation. He then asks Angela what is the exact item he needs to find and bring back to her. Angela cheerfully only tells him that she doesn't know and that he should ask the director of the school about it. Lark is left speechless. 

Ch.11-Lark in the carriage

Lark in the carriage

In the carriage, Lark is looking really annoyed at  Avi who is sleeping and snoring. He then focuses on his own problems. Depressed, he thinks of the home he is leaving behind and Arche, who was the only one who sincerely saw him off. He thinks how unreal the situation feels to him, although he will be back home for holidays. He then suddenly realizes that he forgot to say goodbye to his little fox

Ch 12

Lark taking a first glimpse of Navarus city

Sometime later, Lark wakes up, to find that they have arrived at Navarus city. As they are walking at the streets, Lark calls the city amazing and mumbles that he has never been in a place like this, even in the human world. But Avi hears him and looks at him lost. Lark quickly says "N..Nothing!!" and Avi concludes that his friend is juct acting silly. Avi then gives a key to an inn to Lark that Angela booked. He then wishes him good luck and splits paths with him, to go to another region for work. Left alone, Lark thinks for a moment how nice it will be if he fails the entrance exam of Arzew and has to return to Nergal region. But he instantly dismisses this thought when he thinks of Angela's reaction to this and decides to take the test as soon as possible. He is then walked past by a light blue skinned zombie and a dark blue skinned zombie. The chapter ends with Lark lost in the big city.

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