At Navarus Mansion, Bathory is pleading to Quz to not call for her because she wants to die by detaining herself in her room, while she's laying in her bed all day. Quz pleads to her, not to be like this and she need to get up because she was the last of the Erzsebet Clan Bloodline, which she berates that there's no point with all of that because her Last Family Member was dead, which Quz tells her something about Navarus. Bathory can't move on, over her grief to Angela's death, while she's crying and demanding a dream.

In her dream, she's in the darkness, which she becames depressed that even in her dreams, she was alone and telling herself that there's no family for her at all. She heard a voice calling her name, it turns out it came from Lark's voice, which she becomes surprise by his presence, then her dreams turns from darkness into Light. Suddenly Angela holds both their hands together, which she awakens from her dream, while she's screaming and raised from her bed then she wondered about Lark.

In the Grassy Field near Angela's House, Nergal amazed by the stubborness of Lark, regarding his connection to Vlad Tepes, while Lark's body was sizzling on the grass, due to Nergal's Power. Nergal reassures Lark his life isn't in danger, which Lark suffered a lot and criticize him for going this far to achieve what he wanted. Nergal bluntly apologizes and tells him that he will do anything and everything to achieve his goals and he promises that if Lark tells him honestly the connection between him and Vlad Tepes, he will also reveal all the information he knows about Angela.

Vlad Tepes inside of Lark's subconsciousness, starts to doubt if she should interfere between Lark and Nergal's fight.

Lark urges him that he don't know anything about Vlad Tepes, which Nergal teased him if that mean he's not interested in  what extent, which Lark was pissed that he caught by Nergal that he was lying to him on his own words. Suddenly Lark heard a voice saying "Enough", which he wondered about it, then the voice tell him "Stop, that's enough" then an invincible hands shut both Lark's ears, which he falls unconscious. Nergal panics and worries about him, while yelling what happened to him.

In Lark's subconsciousness, Lark reassured himself that this time he's in his dreams, then he ask Vlad Tepes, if she's the one who brought him there, then he angrily calls her name, which she told him to calm down.


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