At Navarus's Mansion, Neal pleads with Navarus to stop torturing him and he will tell tell him what he knows about Angela's Murderer, Who's seriously injured from Navarus's Curse Ability. Navarus coldly tells him that he can't die yet and reminds him, of his current situation, which Neal laughs like a demon, while he has a magic circle on his stomach and laying on the ground.

In Lark's Subconsciousness, Carmilla calls Vlad Tepes, which she turns to her, then she coldly asks her if she killed her awhile ago. Carmilla reassured her that she knew that she didn't do that intentionally, then she tells her that she's driving Lark into a corner. Vlad Tepes coldly tells her, why she should care about that and tells her, if she can have her wish granted that is all she wants(Destroy The World) and asking Carmilla to stop her if she can. Carmilla tells her that she already knows that she can only watch over dreams and can't interact with reality and pleads Vlad Tepes to stop Lark, while covering her face with her hands. Vlad Tepes tells her that sadly for her, because she knows a lot more about Lark than she knows.

Lark is then thrown to the ground by Nergal's Ability, and wonders why he can't use his power properly like before and thinks this never happened before,and thinks something might be blocking it. Nergal tells him, "what's wrong" and criticizes him for highly speaking of himself, then he teases him, if that's all he can do. Lark raises his body from the ground, wondering that his power wasn't vanished once yet and think that Nergal's Ability can constrain his ability. Nergal tells him to think about his saying to him that his ability was someone he knew in the past also have that ability, then he ask Lark, he have relation with person and telling that his ability wasn't to be seen as common ability. Lark wondered, if Nergal was talking about Vlad Tepes and he tell that he knew Vlad Tepes based on what Nergal said that he's part of First Generation, then he wiped it out because it's not important right now. Nergal urges to him that it's extremely important because she was died around the same time, he was born, which Lark surprise to what he said, then Lark ask him, if Vlad Tepes was possibly his father. Nergal answered that interbreeding between Humans and Vampires is impossible, then he tells him that Humans are creatures that can turn the impossible to something probable that's why Carmilla was impressed by their ability. Nergal tells him that he expected Lark knew something about Vlad Tepes and he demands to tell, all he knew about her immediately, before using his ability to thrown away once again Lark.


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