Nergal recalls the time, when Vlad Tepes urging to him that Carmilla was wrong for doing a world that the vampires was separated in humanity and her dreams will be shattered. Nergal retorts her, if she's worried or jealous about him. Nergal wondered why he recalled his past, then he tell Lark, if he got his power because he make a contract to devil(Miracle) and he deduce in his mind that he recalled his past because it have connection to Lark's newfound power. Lark showed his Lights Ability to him, which Nergal figured out what kind of Ability he have, then he tell to him that now he knew why he was acting arrogantly after he gained the ultimate ability and he must proud to himself like the whole world belongs to him. Nergal tell him that he was just another human afterward he quickly vanished, which Lark was surprise and wondered Nergal's whereabouts, then he heard Nergal telling him to came down, which he quickly slammed the door. Nergal remind him that Angela's memories was living here, then he tell that he knew Lark don't want to destroyed it and urging to him that he need to taught a lesson, which Lark sharply glared at him.

Vlad Tepes inside his subconsciousness warned him that Nergal was considered, one of most powerful individual amongst the First Generation, then she reprimand him for being reckless, but she wiped it out because it's his wish and he need to be able to stand up for himself, at least once.

At the Grassy Field near Angela's House, Nergal tell Lark that he will play a lot to him, in this place, which Lark urges to stop saying useless things. Nergal reminds him once again that memories are very important and he will going easy to him, while using his ability. Lark arrogantly tell him to not pretend strong because he was beaten by Navarus in their previous fight, which Nergal reasoning to him that he lost because his power were sealed, then he showed to him, what his ability. Vlad Tepes tell Lark that Nergal's Ability was summoning spell, then Lark blocked his ability that caused shone and he assumed that he completely blocked it. Nergal tell him that it's not enough, which Lark quickly turns his attention behind him, then he was surprise that Nergal was standing above his Summoned Ability that look like Shadow Werewolf. Nergal tell him, instead of Angela was going to discipline him, he will personally teach him a lesson and reminded Lark, if Angela was still alive, she will be sad to saw him like this, which Lark arrogantly answered him, to shut up and asking what he knew about that, while grinning at him. Nergal opened his eyes and seriously thinking that he can't let him be.


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