The chapter starts with the continuation in Lark's Dream.

Lark wondering of his whereabout, the last scene he remembered before he awake in this place, was he starts a fight with Sia Kul, then he remembered the words speak to him by Sia Kul, which he became pissed and changed his thought about going in Angela's House in Nergal Region. At Navarus's Mansion, Navarus torturing Neal for information about Angela's Murderer, which Neal stubborn to give the answer to him.

At Nurse Office, Sia Kul regained his consciousness and saw Seere in his side, which he was blushing and trying to completed the every sentence his saying to her. He raised from his bed, which Seere ask him, if he can get up and telling him to relax. Sia Kul answered that he was fine and asking about Lark, which Seere sadly demand to him, what happened between them and telling that Lark was left. She tell that the school council was keeping the incident as a secret, and if he report it to them, Lark was going to be expelled at school. Sia Kul remembered Lark's resentment in Angela's Death, and he tell to Seere that Lark was suffering, then he tell her that Lark was truly broken, if he left the school and asking her, if she wanted it to happened, which Seere prompts that she don't wanted it to happened and she's going to help him even more because she also like Angela, while she's almost crying and worried about Lark's situation right now. Sia think that he need to keep quiet about Lark because he knew, what the feeling of loosing a special person and he resolve that every person was have method to handled the situation.

Setz who burying himself in work to forget Carne's demise.

Bathory who's detained herself in her room, while recalls the memories of the past when Angela is alive.

Seere who's mourned about Lark to her older sister Seeren.

Lark who's walking in his own path and escaping the reality of this world.

Lark arrive at Angela's House in Nergal Region, then he entered the house. Lark while going upstairs to take rest in his former room, turns to Angela's Room, and he remembered when he was going back at home, he was always welcome by Angela.

Outside of Angela's House, Nergal saw Lark entered Angela's House, while in his Little Fox Form.


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