The chapter starts with the continuation of confrontation between Sia Kul and Lark(Who's controlling his body by Vlad Tepes).

Sia Kul recognise that she's the one who controlling Lark's Body and he felt strange about her presence. Vlad Tepes tell him that she was surprise that she need to controlled Lark's Body. Sia Kul ask her, if she's a power, which Vlad Tepes answered to him, whatever he think about her was fine. She glared at him and telling that she only wanted to help Lark to escape from him, then Sia Kul noticed the tattoo in her face and neck. She tell to him confidently that she wanted to end this fight quickly.

At the Dormroom, Seere had a hard time to asleep, and telling herself that it's strange, then she think about Lark who's she was very worried and if he's alright, while viewing in the sky at the window.

Vlad Tepes beat Sai Kul who's laying on the ground, while his body was sizzling, then she was surprise that he can't speak a lot after she used her ability to him and commenting that he was truly amazing. She tell to him that her ability was taking advantage of vampire core weakness(Lights), this ability was hard to counter for a vampire who's living in Crepuscule for a long time, then she commenting that he have little resistant to her ability. Sia Kul tell her to get out of Lark's Body, which she answered "Nope". She tell to him that he need to just sleep, then she walk towards him, while reaching his face by her hand, which Sia Kul fall asleep.

At Nurse Office, Sia Kul resting in bed, while his older brother Sai Kul was surprise that Sia Kul can't stop Lark and his wounds wasn't properly healing, which Sai Kul wondered about Lark. Seere who's watching to Sia Kul on the bed was worried to him. Setz was surprise that Lark can do this to Sia Kul, which he said that "He should be".

At Lark's Dream, he telling himself that he should stop Vlad Tepes for intervened in his fight with Sia Kul, while his laying on the grass. Lark heard a voice calling his name and telling him to wake up, which he raised his half body and turn to the voice's origin. It turns out to be Angela's Voice, which he became surprise by her presence, then he called her name and wanted to reach her by his hand. Angela tell him that he have things to finish, which he understood and Angela was vanished. He noticed that he's not in school and recalls his latest dream about Angela, which he lamenting that he will be strong for Angela's sake.


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