At the hallway of Navarus's Mansion, Neal walking while telling himself all of the happened to him this day, which he's a bit irritated about it. Neal noticed Quz who's holding a meal in front of the Bathory's Room, he rudely called him while asking him what he's doing here. Quz was surprise that he cameback, he answered that he's delivering meal for Bathory because she detained herself in her room and doesn't wanted to come out. Neal glances at her room, before he finish his speech about her, suddenly Navarus appeared while telling him that he must not worried about other, while calling his name. Neal terrified at his presence, Navarus urging to him that he's late with intimidated aura.

At the Dormroom, Lark telling Sia Kul coldly if he need something to him, which he prompts "No". Sia Kul tell him that he's acting really weird, which Lark arrogantly telling him what's it to him. Sia Kul remember the time when Lark talking to him happily, while calling him a friend, before telling him that because they were friends. Lark criticize what he said, then he frankly tell him to stop saying pointless things and urging to him to cameback in his sleep, while preparing the things he needed in his backpack. Lark tell him that he's going out for a while, then Sia Kul urging him that he can't go out, which Lark surprise about it. Sia Kul tell him that he got request from his older brother Sai Kul, that he's going to watch him and frankly telling Lark, if he's going to say about it, which the two get intense hostile to each other. Lark tell him that he know why he's doing this because his older brother Sai Kul was part of the Student Council, but he urging to him that he need to go and he don't have time to discuss about this. Sia Kul tell him, that he need some sort of pretext while challenging him in a fight, which Lark say to him "What?".

At Student Council Room, Sai Kul reassure Setz that he don't need to worry about Lark because he requested his younger brother Sia Kul to watch closely to Lark, which Setz tell him that it's not his pointing and he had a bad feeling that was going to happened.

Lark challenge Sia Kul at the School Gym Hall, while telling him that he can fight fairly if they stay in this place because there's Magic Barrier erected in this place. Sia Kul ask him if he's really going to fight him, which Lark tell him that he's the one who teach him to fight in the first place with intimidated aura. Lark confidently telling him that he's going to try out his strength here, then he tell that Sia Kul should prepare his sword.


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