Arzew main building

Arzew is Crepuscule's best and only public school.


Arzew Tour

Seere giving Lark a tour of Arzew

Arzew is located at Navarus city. It is closely related to the world of politics. The tuition isn't expensive since the top rulers of the Council fund the school. Graduates of Arzew are respected in the world and have achived great things in various fields. By graduating from Arzew, one automatically becomes part of the upper class. Although, normally only the children of nobility or extremely rich families attend Arzew.

Arzew has classes of elementary, intermediate and high school levels.

Entrance ExamEdit

Arzew's entrance exam is known for its cruelty, because it forces mixed bloods to face their weaknesses. The exam could include silver arrows, flowing sacred water, garlic, sunlight etc.


Subjects taught at Arzew include swordsmanship, magic, alchemy, history, special abilities etc.


Swordsmanship is taught at beginner and intermediate level to Freshmen and at an expert level to Juniors.


Any vampire can use magic if he or she is taught how. Therefore, the world restricts the places where one can learn it. Arzew is one of those place where one can learn magic.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Not everyone has abilities, but those who do can learn to use them during their Junior year. With the exception of the Arzew's Student Council, minors are not normally allowed to use their abilities.

Education System Edit

At Arzew middle school, students are taught basic magic and swordmanship.

Students' collar

The wings on the students' collars in High School tell apart the different grades

Arzew High School lasts three years:

  • Freshman: theory+history, beginner and intermediate swordsmanship
  • Junior: magic+special abilities, theory and history, expert swordmanship
  • Senior: preparing to get a job according to selected courses

Arzew StaffEdit

  • Olivier Ostern
  • Laura James
  • Buzzi
  • Muscle
  • Angela Elizabeth
  • El
  • The Librarian
The following is a list of all the known employees of Arzew:
Olivier Ostern: History and Theory teacher
Laura James: Swordmanship teacher
Buzzi: Alchemy teacher
Muscle: Magic teacher
Angela Elizabeth: High school nurse
El: Head of Security
The Librarian (name unknown)


Arzew is an academy established with the strong support of the Council to find talented people who could join the government. Arzew and the Council are located in the center of the Navarus region. From the center of Navarus, Crepuscule is ruled by the Assembly group of the Council. The Assembly is formed by the advancement of Arzew's Student Councils.

Student CouncilsEdit

Student councils are formed by students who whish to join the Assembly that rules Crepuscule after they graduate. Due to the fact that anyone can create a student council, there might be more than one student councils in each generation. The multiple student councils are then to compete with one another to become part of the future Assembly and,as a result, the next rulers of the world.