An Ability is a unique power that any vampire can have. But, some, including many zombies, do not have an ability at all. In recent chapters it has been reveled Lark a crimson eyed human was also born with his own ability which Vlad Tepes just woke it up. Abilities are inactive in minors and can only be used after an adult vampire awakens it. With the exception of Arzew's Student Council, minors are not allowed to use their abilities. However, Arzew holds lessons for junior classes where students can have their abilities activated.

Nature Type AbilitiesEdit

Nature type abilities manipulate the forces of nature at will. This includes fire, water, ice, plants etc. The nature type abilities are considered the most powerful and most dangerous of all. They are common among pureblood families, like the Greyfell family. Vlad Tepes was once considered to have the most powerful ability among vampires, with his light ability.

Ability Releasing CeremonyEdit

Oliver wakes up Seere's ability

Olivier Ostern awaking Seere's ability

Ability awaking 1

Tepes awaking Lark's innate ability.

The ability releasing ceremony is conducted by an adult. The adult places his hand on the head of a minor with inactive ability and recites an incantation. A cold energy then flows from the adult's hands towards the minor. After this, it takes about a week for the ability to show itself. The minor then knows naturally what their ability is.

When Vlad Tepes awakened Larks ability she put her hand on his head but she did not say an incantation she may have said it in her mind.

List of abilitiesEdit

  • Carmilla creating Crepuscule
  • Vlad turning everything into darkness and dissolving himself into Florian's womb
  • The ice statue of Carmilla that Gilles made
  • Nergal throwing a card, in order to call one of his familiars
  • Chocolat controls the wind
  • Millefeuille creating plants in an instant
  • Bathory inside Nergal's dream
  • Carne showing her ability, during the declaration ceremony
  • Neal appearing before Navarus
  • Sai searching for traces of Nergal's ability
  • Riu going so fast that Setz is unable to follow to follow his movements
  • Mrs.Greyfell setting fire to her daughter's flower
  • Lark using his Light ability.
  • Lark using his Earth Manipulation ability.
  • Sibel controls snow
  • Eoria controls water due to her ability "Evaporation"

First GenerationEdit